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General Information

Something*Positive reaches an audience of over 200,000 unique visitors every month with actual page views topping 4 million per month. Our two ad spots are a 486 pixel by 60 pixel banner ad that is beneath the top comic on our main page but at the top of all interior pages within the site. Our second ad is a 160 pixel by 600 pixel ad that is on the right-hand side of the page on both the front and interior pages. Our ads are featured on every page considered "public." Pages that have been set up for donors only, past or present, do not feature advertising. Also, special pages created as extras for advertisers will feature no advertising save that which the sponsor has paid for (see below in this same section for details).

Currently all of our advertising is handled through Project Wonderful, an online advertising bidding software. Because of the nature of Project Wonderful, the price of our ads vary from day to day, sometimes even hour to hour. Both ads have a minimum required bid ($5 USD for our 468x60 ad, $10 USD for our 160x600 ad). To access our ads, you must create a Project Wonderful account. Currently, Project Wonderful requires a PayPal account. While S*P uses Project Wonderful for its advertising, that is where the association is. We are not responsible for Project Wonderful and its dealings, nor is it responsible for S*P.

In addition, S*P is capable of doing special advertising strips that promote your goods and/or services. These strips are special comics to be hosted outside of the archives, either in a bonus pages or to be hosted on the advertiser's site.

We will also do ad creation for hire. This service starts at $75 per ad.

In addition to adhering to the policies of Project Wonderful, S*P has its own policies that apply to all advertising featured on this site.

Advertising Policies

Ad Creation

As stated we will create ads for you. The starting rate of such ads is $75. Use of S*P or Super Stupor characters or labor intensive ads will ad to this cost. Please note this is for standard ads only and not specially created comics. The price of specially sponsored comics ad campaigns is subject to length, number of strips, and characters used.

Any Super Stupor character is available for ad usage. For S*P, Choo-Choo Bear, Davan, and Mike are always available. For other characters, please inquire. Characters will not act out of characters for ads or sponsored strips (example: Rumble Bee won't eat pork as she's Jewish, Fred won't denounce Christianity, Jhim won't ogle women, etc.).

Ads created are always in the GIF or JPG file format. Ads may be used on other sides. Sponsored comics using characters created by R.K. Milholland may not altered, moved to print format, or offered on a pay basis without prior consent or written agreement. Comics using characters created by the advertiser and containing no characters belonging to R.K. Milholland are work-for-hire and follow industry accepted guidelines.

For more information, contact us at with, "Ad Inquiry" as the title.

File Format & Specifics

Ads places on S*P may be in any file format that Project Wonderful allows for. Animated ads, such as animated GIFS or Flash files, must not "flash" - i.e. flicker back and forth through frames at rates less than a second per frame. Ads that offer a smooth animation (example: the main character of your comic running along a wall) are an exception. Any animated files that may cause irritation to readers will be declined until requested changed are made.

Flash ads that feature sound MUST have the sound setting set to mute as a default.

With the exception of ads made by us for clients, it is the responsibility of the advertiser to make sure all information in the ad is correct and up to date.

Ad and Site Content

We review all sites before ad bids and/or contracts are approved. We refuse the right to refuse service to any would-be advertiser for any reason we deem appropriate. While we will generally explain why, we are not bound by any agreement to do so. So far, we've not once refused advertising without an explanation.

As a rule, we do not advertise sites/products/services that promote prejudice and/or harassment based on race, gender, sexual orientation, political or religious belief, nor will we run any ads that feature any language that can be construed as "hate speech" and intended to alienate or incite others. We generally avoid advertising political and/or religious sites, although exceptions have been made. Again, we reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.

If a site is drastically changed between the time it's reviewed and when it's advertising on S*P (example: when first reviewed, it's a site called "Puppies are AwesomeXOXOX!" but three days later it becomes an anti-government website), all ads will be canceled immediately.

Adult Content Sides

Something*Positive does offer advertising to sites containing adult content. Ads for such sites must be clearly marked as Not Safe For Work. Sidebar (160x600) ads must have Not Safe For Work or some easily understood variation of the phase on the top-most section of the ad. Ads for adult content sites may no include exposed genitals, bare nipples on women, or sex acts. The ad must be PG and be something the average viewer can have on their monitor at the workplace without getting in trouble with employers.

Something*Positive has no interest in monitoring the content of any sites, but if an advertiser has models on their site with whom the legal age is in question, we reserve the right to request verification he or she is of the legal age to appear in such material. S*P will not make any attempt to control or influence the content of the sites of any advertisers.

Bootlegged Content

Something*Positive will not promote sites that offer bootlegged materials for free download or sale. Emulators, movies, anime fan subs, manga scans - none of these. We reserve the right to request proof that any would-be advertiser offering any of these materials has a contract/license with the owners of the material offered to distribute it.

Anime, manga, and games not available in the U.S. are not an exception to this. We do verify whether or not the content you're offering is yours to sell or give away.

Advertising F.A.Q.

Q: I don't have/use Project Wonderful but want to advertise on S*P. Will you make one of the ad spots "normal" nonbid ads for me for a day?
A: In the past we've done this. We learned that it usually hurts us afterwards as other potential advertisers are hesitant to bid if they think their bids can be canceled at any time. We will suspend bidding on ads but only for paid blocks of fifteen straight days or more. The price of such blocks will be determined at the time of the request.

Q: If you design an ad for me are you okay with me using it on another site? Even if it has one of your characters? A: Absolutely! It's your ad! Just don't alter it and make our character act... well, out of character.

Q: I have a really great cause/no money but want to advertise. Will you donate ad space?
A: Sorry but no. We have to eat, too.

Q: I want to advertise on S*P but not during a certain storyline/strip featuring a certain character. Will you promise not to use them while my ad is running?
A: No. We will not censor, postpone, or cancel any content for advertising. Advertisers will not have say in the working of out strips.

Q: Will my ads run on any of your other sites? A: Advertising is currently only available for

Q: Do you offer paid product placement in S*P or your other work?
A: No.

Q: Do you allow for sponsorship of the daily strips, or must all sponsored comics be a "special" thing not in the archive? A: They're all "special things." We tried offering sponsorship for daily strips on a side project. They didn't sell as well as we'd hoped and if we did it now in addition to our two ad spots we worry we'll badger our readership.

Q: I bought a sponsorship on a comic back when you were allowing it. Now that it's done, what'll happen to my sponsoring that comic?
A: The ad and link are still there. Those sponsor ads will stay in the comic archive as long as this site exists as a comic site. They will not, however, be reprinted if those strips are ever released in "dead tree" format.

Q: You're running an ad I don't like! Will you take it down?
A: Only if you're willing to pay us more than the advertiser is.

Q: You're running an ad for a site that's done/doing something I think is wrong. Will you take it down?
A: Only if you can prove to our satisfaction they're doing something we cannot morally abide by OR is illegal in the United States of America. It must be more than a forum post of "he said, she said." We need to feel confident the advertiser is doing something truly wrong before we accuse them. Such things should NEVER be taken lightly and even in the light of any evidence we will ask their side of the story as well.

Q: I don't like that you run ads. Will you stop running them
A: Yes, if you pay us $19,000 a year (adjusted yearly for cost of living). That's how much of this site's income comes from advertising. Do that and we'll immediately remove all the ads - until a year rolls around. Then they go back up unless you pay us again. Again, we have to eat.

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