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01-01-05Tasteless Traditions

01-02-05Relocation pt 1

01-03-05Relocation pt 2

01-04-05Relocation pt 3

01-05-05The Truth About Employment

01-06-05Relocation pt 4

01-07-05Roommate Ramblings

01-08-05Sid Meier’s Relationship Ender

01-09-05Bees With Bruises

01-10-05A Caring Employer

01-11-05Animal Cops

01-12-05Land of the Loung Lizards

01-13-05Lament of a Geek

01-14-05The Business of Cons

01-15-05LiveJournal Blues

01-16-05The “Customer” Is Usually a Dick

01-17-05Kill Joy

01-18-05PeeJee’s Lament

01-19-05Afterglow of a Let Down

01-20-05Gaming on the Fly

01-21-05Aubrey as Pandora

01-22-05Old Games pt 1

01-23-05Snow Day

01-24-05Jason’s Empty Nest pt 1

01-25-05Jason’s Empty Nest pt 2

01-26-05Jason’s Empty Nest pt 3

01-27-05Jason’s Empty Nest pt 4

01-28-05Jason’s Empty Nest pt 5

01-29-05Jason’s Empty Nest pt 6


01-31-05Late Night Heroes


02-01-05Cheat Codes

02-02-05Lucky Money

02-03-05The Future of Trek


02-05-05Think Before You Chide

02-06-05I Am Providence pt 1

02-07-05I Am Providence pt 2

02-08-05I Am Providence pt 3

02-09-05I Am Providence pt 4

02-10-05I Am Providence pt 5

02-11-05I Am Providence pt 6



02-14-05No One’s Thinking of the Children

02-15-05Shaky Prospects

02-16-05Workplace Romances

02-17-05How to Resign

02-18-05Not a Bully


02-20-05Getting Davan Out of the House pt 1

02-21-05Getting Davan Out of the House pt 2

02-22-05Getting Davan Out of the House pt 3

02-23-05Getting Davan Out of the House pt 4

02-24-05Getting Davan Out of the House pt 5

02-25-05Getting Davan Out of the House pt 6

02-26-05Greasy Slice of Hell

02-27-05Face a Mother Would Loathe



03-01-05Snow Day

03-02-05MeanSpace pt 1

03-03-05MeanSpace pt 2

03-04-05MeanSpace pt 3

03-05-05MeanSpace pt 4

03-06-05Captain Sniggles


03-08-05Circles of Blame

03-09-05Rage Science



03-12-05Payback on a Little Brother

03-13-05Mike’s Favorite Author pt 1

03-14-05Mike’s Favorite Author pt 2

03-15-05Mike’s Favorite Author pt 3

03-16-05Mike’s Favorite Author pt 4

03-17-05Mike’s Favorite Author pt 5

03-18-05Mike’s Favorite Author pt 6

03-19-05In Jesus’s Name pt 1

03-20-05In Jesus’s Name pt 2

03-21-05In Jesus’s Name pt 3

03-22-05In Jesus’s Name pt 4

03-23-05In Jesus’s Name pt 5

03-24-05In Jesus’s Name pt 6

03-25-05In Jesus’s Name pt 7

03-26-05In Jesus’s Name pt 8

03-27-05A Comic as Lame as Easter Candy

03-28-05Nocturnal pt 1

03-29-05Nocturnal pt 2

03-30-05Nocturnal pt 3

03-31-05Nocturnal pt 4


04-01-05Nocturnal pt 5

04-02-05Activism for Profit

04-03-05The Downside of SIDS pt 1

04-04-05The Downside of SIDS pt 2

04-05-05The Downside of SIDS pt 3

04-06-05The Downside of SIDS pt 4

04-07-05The Downside of SIDS pt 5

04-08-05Reader Q&A Week-ish pt 1

04-09-05Reader Q&A Week-ish pt 2

04-10-05Reader Q&A Week-ish pt 3

04-11-05Reader Q&A Week-ish pt 4

04-12-05Reader Q&A Week-ish pt 5

04-13-05Reader Q&A Week-ish pt 6

04-14-05Reader Q&A Week-ish pt 7

04-15-05Reader Q&A Week-ish pt 8

04-16-05Reader Q&A Week-ish pt 9

04-17-05Reader Q&A Week-ish pt 10

04-18-05Wrap Up

04-19-05The New Girl pt 1

04-20-05The New Girl pt 2

04-21-05The New Girl pt 3

04-22-05The New Girl pt 4

04-23-05The New Girl pt 5

04-24-05The New Girl pt 6

04-25-05The New Girl pt 7

04-26-05Relearning the Basics

04-27-05Less Than Kawaii

04-28-05Not Turning Back

04-29-05Always Open to a Hug

04-30-05Every Actor’s Secret


05-01-05The SIDS Train pt 1

05-02-05The SIDS Train pt 2

05-03-05The SIDS Train pt 3

05-04-05The SIDS Train pt 4

05-05-05The SIDS Train pt 5

05-06-05The SIDS Train pt 6

05-07-05The SIDS Train pt 7

05-08-05Mother’s Day

05-09-05Graduation pt 1

05-10-05Graduation pt 2

05-11-05Graduation pt 3

05-12-05Graduation pt 4

05-13-05Graduation pt 5

05-14-05Graduation pt 6

05-15-05Star Bored pt 1

05-16-05Star Bored pt 2

05-17-05Star Bored pt 3

05-18-05Star Bored pt 4

05-19-05Star Bored pt 5

05-20-05Star Bored pt 6

05-21-05The People We’ve Dated

05-22-05Dead Hardware pt 1

05-23-05Dead Hardware pt 2

05-24-05Dead Hardware pt 3

05-25-05Dead Hardware pt 4

05-26-05Dead Hardware pt 5

05-27-05Dead Hardware pt 6

05-28-05Dead Hardware pt 7

05-29-05Working From Home

05-30-05V.I.P. Room

05-31-05Little Computer People


06-01-05Mike’s Motivation

06-02-05Aging Fashion

06-03-05A-Kon Filler

06-04-05Job Openings pt 1

06-05-05Job Openings pt 2

06-06-05Job Openings pt 3

06-07-05Job Openings pt 4

06-08-05Job Openings pt 5

06-09-05Job Openings pt 6

06-10-05Job Openings pt 7

06-11-05Job Openings pt 8

06-12-05Right Into a Wall

06-13-05Putting the Mare in Nightmare

06-14-05Medical Care

06-15-05Sick Boyfriends

06-16-05Running Late

06-17-05Glass Cases and Closets

06-18-05Prelude to a Confession


06-20-05Self-Inflicted Martyrdom

06-21-05Reach Out And Throttle Someone


06-23-05FOR YOUUUUU!

06-24-05Family Friendly

06-25-05Ringtone Kitty

06-26-05Creating a Trend pt 1

06-27-05Creating a Trend pt 2


06-29-05Creating a Trend pt 3

06-30-05Creating a Trend pt 4


07-01-05In Memorium

07-02-05Creating a Trend pt 5

07-03-05Past Loves pt 1

07-04-05Past Loves pt 2

07-05-05Past Loves pt 3

07-06-05Ego Feed pt 1

07-07-05Disgrace on Demand

07-08-05Ego Feed pt 2

07-09-05Ego Feed pt 3

07-10-05Becoming Responsible

07-11-05Lollipop Tarts

07-12-05Creating a Trend pt 6

07-13-05Larp pt 1

07-14-05Larp pt 2

07-15-05Zork Filler pt 1

07-16-05Zork Filler pt 2

07-17-05Teaching the Kids

07-18-05Fights Never Fought


07-20-05Being Watched

07-21-05Shave and a Haircut pt 1

07-22-05Shave and a Haircut pt 2

07-23-05Shave and a Haircut pt 3

07-24-05Broom Closet pt 1

07-25-05Broom Closet pt 2

07-26-05Broom Closet pt 3

07-27-05Broom Closet pt 4

07-28-05Broom Closet pt 5

07-29-05Smary Shopper

07-30-05Get Well Soon




08-02-05Sad Songs pt 1

08-03-05Sad Songs pt 2

08-04-05Sad Songs pt 3

08-05-05The Experiment

08-06-05The Root of the Problem


08-08-05In Memory pt 1

08-09-05In Memory pt 2

08-10-05In Memory pt 3

08-11-05In Memory pt 4

08-12-05In Memory pt 5

08-13-05In Memory pt 6

08-14-05In Memory pt 7

08-15-05In Memory pt 8

08-24-05Catching Up

08-25-05PeeJee’s Project

08-26-05Keeping Track

08-27-05Customer Service

08-28-05Davis Square

08-29-05Predictions pt 1

08-30-05Predictions pt 2

08-31-05Predictions pt 3


09-01-05Predictions pt 4

09-02-05If You’ve Got Some Sugar…

09-09-05Necks pt 1

09-10-05Necks pt 2

09-11-05Someone to Care

09-12-05Golden Age pt 1

09-13-05Golden Age pt 2

09-14-05Golden Age pt 3

09-15-05Golden Age pt 4

09-16-05Golden Age pt 5

09-17-05Golden Age pt 6

09-18-05The Visitor pt 1

09-19-05The Visitor pt 1

09-20-05The Visitor pt 1

09-21-05The Visitor pt 2

09-22-05The Visitor pt 3

09-23-05The Visitor pt 4

09-24-05The Visitor pt 5

09-25-05Serial Killers pt 1

09-26-05Mirror Masked

09-27-05Serial Killers pt 2

09-28-05Serial Killers pt 3

09-29-05Serial Killers pt 4

09-30-05Serial Killers pt 5


10-01-05Serial Killers pt 6

10-02-05Family Macabre pt 1

10-03-05Family Macabre pt 2

10-04-05Family Macabre pt 3

10-05-05Family Macabre pt 4

10-06-05Family Macabre pt 5

10-07-05Family Macabre pt 6

10-08-05Family Macabre pt 7

10-09-05Family Macabre pt 8

10-10-05Gather No Moss pt 1

10-11-05Gather No Moss pt 2

10-12-05Gather No Moss pt 3

10-13-05Gather No Moss pt 4

10-14-05Gather No Moss pt 5

10-15-05Gather No Moss pt 6

10-18-05Gather No Moss pt 7


10-20-05Preparing pt 1

10-21-05Preparing pt 2

10-22-05Preparing pt 3


10-24-05Lost Sketches pt 1

10-25-05Lost Sketches pt 2

10-26-05Lost Sketches pt 3

10-27-05Lost Sketches pt 4

10-28-05Lost Sketches pt 5

10-29-05Lost Sketches pt 6

10-30-05The First Second Comic

10-31-05Lost Sketches pt 7


11-01-05Lost Sketches pt 8

11-02-05Lost Sketches pt 9

11-03-05Lost Sketches pt 10

11-04-05Lost Sketches pt 11

11-05-05Lost Sketches pt 12

11-06-05Lost Sketches pt 13

11-07-05Lost Sketches pt 14

11-08-05A Painting

11-19-05Home Again, Home Again pt 1

11-20-05Home Again, Home Again pt 2

11-21-05Home Again, Home Again pt 3

11-22-05Home Again, Home Again pt 4

11-23-05Home Again, Home Again pt 5

11-24-05Home Again, Home Again pt 6

11-25-05Home Again, Home Again pt 7


11-27-05Next Sunday A.D.

11-28-05Snap Decision

11-29-05Management pt 1

11-30-05Management pt 2


12-01-05Management pt 3

12-02-05The Gang’s Almost All Here

12-03-05Little Changes



12-06-05Calling You Out

12-07-05Finally Sinking In

12-08-05Personal Places

12-09-05Found Things

12-10-05Friendly Notes

12-11-05Dream Comics

12-12-05Down Time pt 1

12-13-05Down Time pt 2

12-14-05Down Time pt 3

12-15-05Down Time pt 4

12-16-05Down Time pt 5

12-17-05Down Time pt 6

12-18-05Down Time pt 7

12-19-05Down Time pt 8

12-26-05T-Bob a Go-Go

12-27-05Old Familiar Faces IV pt 1

12-28-05Old Familiar Faces IV pt 2

12-29-05Old Familiar Faces IV pt 3

12-30-05Old Familiar Faces IV pt 4

12-31-05Old Familiar Faces IV pt 5

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