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01-02-07How I Will Die

01-03-07Old Familiar Faces V pt 1

01-04-07Old Familiar Faces V pt 2

01-05-07Old Familiar Faces V pt 3

01-06-07Old Familiar Faces V pt 4

01-08-07The Commonwealth vs. Kharisma Valetti pt 1

01-09-07The Commonwealth vs. Kharisma Valetti pt 2

01-10-07The Commonwealth vs. Kharisma Valetti pt 3

01-11-07The Commonwealth vs. Kharisma Valetti pt 4

01-12-07The Commonwealth vs. Kharisma Valetti pt 5

01-13-07The Commonwealth vs. Kharisma Valetti pt 6

01-14-07Children pt 1

01-15-07Children pt 2

01-16-07Children pt 3

01-17-07Children pt 4

01-18-07Children pt 5

01-19-07Children pt 6

01-20-07Children pt 7

01-21-07Old Games pt 2

01-22-07Old Games pt 3

01-23-07Old Games pt 4

01-24-07Old Games pt 5

01-25-07Old Games pt 6

01-26-07Old Games pt 7

01-27-07Old Games pt 8

01-28-07Old Games pt 9

01-31-07Honor the Dead


02-01-07Oh No! Lights!

02-02-07What Killed the Video Star? pt 1

02-03-07What Killed the Video Star? pt 2

02-04-07What Killed the Video Star? pt 3

02-05-07What Killed the Video Star? pt 4

02-06-07What Killed the Video Star? pt 5

02-07-07What Killed the Video Star? pt 6

02-08-07What Killed the Video Star? pt 7

02-09-07The Long Drive pt 1

02-10-07The Long Drive pt 2

02-11-07The Long Drive pt 3

02-12-07The Long Drive pt 4

02-13-07The Book Filler Art

02-14-07For Her

02-15-07That’s That

02-16-07The Long Drive pt 5

02-17-07The Long Drive pt 6

02-18-07The Long Drive pt 7

02-19-07The Long Drive pt 8

02-20-07The Long Drive pt 9

02-21-07The Long Drive pt 10

02-22-07Good Intentions pt 1

02-23-07Good Intentions pt 2

02-24-07Good Intentions pt 3

02-25-07Good Intentions pt 4

02-26-07A Family Way pt 1

02-27-07A Family Way pt 2

02-28-07A Family Way pt 3


03-01-07A Family Way pt 4

03-02-07A Family Way pt 5

03-03-07A Family Way pt 6

03-04-07Investing in Tomorrow pt 1

03-05-07Investing in Tomorrow pt 2

03-06-07Investing in Tomorrow pt 3

03-07-07Investing in Tomorrow pt 4

03-08-07Investing in Tomorrow pt 5

03-09-07Investing in Tomorrow pt 6


03-11-07Reality T.V.

03-12-07Dramatic Retelling

03-13-07Misplaced pt 1

03-14-07Misplaced pt 2

03-15-07Misplaced pt 3

03-16-07Misplaced pt 4

03-17-07Misplaced pt 5

03-18-07Friends With Benefits pt 1

03-19-07Friends With Benefits pt 2

03-20-07Friends With Benefits pt 3

03-21-07Friends With Benefits pt 4

03-22-07Friends With Benefits pt 5

03-23-07Friends With Benefits pt 6

03-24-07Friends With Benefits pt 7

03-25-07Monette’s Big Score

03-30-07Games Fathers Play

03-31-07The Taste of Dismay


04-01-07Here Comes Kestrel Cottontail pt 1

04-02-07Here Comes Kestrel Cottontail pt 2

04-03-07Here Comes Kestrel Cottontail pt 3

04-04-07Here Comes Kestrel Cottontail pt 4

04-05-07Here Comes Kestrel Cottontail pt 5

04-06-07Here Comes Kestrel Cottontail pt 6

04-07-07Last Hours pt 1

04-08-07Last Hours pt 2

04-09-07Last Hours pt 3

04-10-07Last Hours pt 4

04-11-07Last Hours pt 5

04-12-07Hours Pass to Years


04-14-07Wait, What?

04-15-07A Little More Filler

04-16-07The Watching Hour pt 1

04-17-07The Watching Hour pt 2

04-18-07The Watching Hour pt 3

04-19-07The Watching Hour pt 4

04-20-07The Watching Hour pt 5

04-21-07The Watching Hour pt 6

04-22-07The Watching Hour pt 7

04-23-07From the Shadows

04-24-07Stealth of the Just

04-25-07When to Shut Up

04-28-07That Was Then….

04-29-07Lost Jokes


05-05-07[Life With Rippy] Wasting Time

05-06-07Lost Childhood

05-07-07Revisiting Old Bad Ideas

05-08-07Namesake pt 1

05-09-07Namesake pt 2

05-10-07Namesake pt 3

05-11-07Namesake pt 4


05-13-07Through the Castle

05-14-07Namesake pt 5

05-15-07Namesake pt 6

05-16-07Saving ConGoblin pt 1

05-17-07Saving ConGoblin pt 2

05-18-07Saving ConGoblin pt 3

05-19-07Be Our Guest

05-20-07Z is for Zombie

05-21-07Putting If Off


05-23-07Fairness is Relative

05-24-07An Afternoon of Puppets

05-25-07Meanwhile in Hollywood….

05-26-07Make a Puppet

05-27-07[Life With Rippy] Finding a Focus


05-29-07Saving ConGoblin pt 4



06-02-07[Life With Rippy] Emails

06-04-07Finding Friends pt 1

06-05-07Finding Friends pt 2

06-06-07Finding Friends pt 3

06-07-07Back-Up Plan

06-08-07S. Epatha Merkerson


06-12-07For Worse


06-14-07… And It Will Go Away

06-17-07My Parents

06-18-07‘Cuz A Lotta People Don’t Read News Updates


06-19-07Rise ‘n Shine

06-20-07Finding Friends pt 4

06-21-07Finding Friends pt 5

06-22-07Finding Friends pt 6

06-23-07… Sat on a Wall

06-24-07The Showdown

06-25-07No Dumb Bunnies


06-27-07Bad Dates


07-02-07Namesake pt 7

07-03-07Namesake pt 8

07-04-07Namesake pt 9

07-05-07Namesake pt 10

07-06-07Namesake pt 11

07-09-07Saving ConGoblin pt 5

07-10-07Saving ConGoblin pt 6

07-11-07Saving ConGoblin pt 7

07-12-07Saving ConGoblin pt 8

07-13-07Out of Tune

07-16-07Common Trend

07-17-07Saving ConGoblin pt 9

07-18-07While You’re Away

07-19-07Saving ConGoblin pt 10

07-20-07Saving ConGoblin pt 11

07-23-07You Don’t Say

07-24-07Push to Shove pt 1

07-25-07Push to Shove pt 2

07-26-07Push to Shove pt 3

07-27-07Push to Shove pt 4

07-30-07Charity Begins Somewhere Else

07-31-07Therein Lies the Rub


08-01-07Make Room For…

08-02-07Unexpected pt 1

08-03-07Unexpected pt 2

08-04-07Connecticon Sketches pt 1

08-05-07Connecticon Sketches pt 2

08-06-07Unexpected pt 3

08-07-07Unexpected pt 4

08-08-07Unexpected pt 5

08-09-07Unexpected pt 6

08-10-07Unexpected pt 7

08-13-07On Each Other’s Nerves


08-15-07… Every Minute


08-17-07Cosplay Is Go

08-20-07One Circle to the Next


08-22-07Little Surprises

08-25-07Lost Time


08-28-07Words Can Hurt


08-30-07Early Leave

08-31-07In Memory


09-01-07[RWW] Adrian’s Customer

09-02-07Onward to Cuteness

09-03-07Mall Rants

09-04-07Second Verse, Same As….

09-05-07Proper Introductions


09-07-07Scheduling Conflicts

09-08-07What’s Wrong with This Picture?

09-10-07For the Moment

09-11-07Almost the Same Thing

09-12-07Some Change




09-18-07La Mort Boheme

09-19-07Talk Like a Pirate Day 2007

09-20-07Monette’s Surprise

09-21-07A Place in the Family

09-24-07Let a Smile Be Your Scary Umbrella

09-25-07Not Ready For Any-Time Player

09-26-07Oddly Familiar, Oddly Angering

09-27-07Visual Discomforts



10-01-07It Draws Closer

10-02-07Religious Fandom

10-03-07Unlearning Nice pt 1

10-04-07Unlearning Nice pt 2

10-05-07Unlearning Nice pt 3

10-08-07Unlearning Nice pt 4

10-09-07Unlearning Nice pt 5

10-10-07Unlearning Nice pt 6

10-11-07Rising Star pt 1

10-12-07Rising Star pt 2

10-15-07Rising Star pt 3

10-16-07Rising Star pt 4

10-17-07Rising Star pt 5


10-18-07Old Classmates


10-23-07Out of the Closet, Onto the Page

10-24-07Double Shot

10-25-07Back to Dating


10-29-07New and Improved pt 1

10-30-07New and Improved pt 2

10-31-07Trick or Treatless

10-31-07New and Improved pt 3


11-01-07New and Improved pt 4

11-02-07New and Improved pt 5

11-05-07New and Improved pt 6

11-06-07Stay Warm

11-07-07… ho?

11-08-07Close Call

11-09-07Coincidence Strikes

11-12-07A Santa By Any Other Name


11-14-07… Where You Eat

11-15-07Down at the Roots pt 1

11-16-07Namesake pt 12

11-23-07Another Black Friday

11-26-07Shots pt 1

11-27-07Shots pt 2

11-28-07Coming Out to Parents

11-29-07Stepping Out



12-03-07Lovers Past and Present

12-04-07Christmas Behind Bars

12-05-07What Are We?

12-06-07What We Aren’t

12-07-07For the Best

12-10-07For the Rest

12-12-07Old Friends, Old Games

12-13-07Coming to Senses

12-14-07What Every Child Looks Forward To

12-17-07Ornamental pt 1

12-18-07Ornamental pt 2

12-19-07Ornamental pt 3

12-20-07Ornamental pt 4

12-23-07Filler Comics 2007 pt 1

12-24-07Filler Comics 2007 pt 2

12-26-07Filler Comics 2007 pt 3

12-27-07Filler Comics 2007 pt 4

12-31-07Filler Comics 2007 pt 5

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