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01-05-09Old Familiar Faces VII pt 1

01-06-09Old Familiar Faces VII pt 2

01-07-09Old Familiar Faces VII pt 3

01-08-09Old Familiar Faces VII pt 4

01-09-09Old Familiar Faces VII pt 5

01-10-09Old Familiar Faces VII pt 6

01-11-09New Familiar Faces

01-12-09Old Familiar Who?

01-13-09Scare Tactic

01-14-09Father Figure

01-15-09Family Affairs

01-16-09Multiple Choice

01-19-09The System


01-21-09Aubrey’s Concern


01-23-09Gentle Push

01-24-09T.V. Wasteland

01-25-09Shared Resources


01-27-09Calls Home

01-28-09Training pt 1

01-29-09Training pt 2

01-30-09Training pt 3

01-31-09The Home Life Shift



02-02-09Schoolyard Fight pt 1

02-03-09Schoolyard Fight pt 2

02-04-09Schoolyard Fight pt 3

02-05-09Schoolyard Fight pt 4

02-06-09Schoolyard Fight pt 5

02-09-09Dealing With Critics

02-10-09Do You Like Me?

02-11-09Just a Word pt 1

02-12-09Share It With Love

02-13-09Just a Word pt 2

02-14-09Slight Error

02-15-09Worse Than Black Ice

02-16-09Employment Options

02-17-09Oh, Hey! Surprise!

02-18-09Agree to Disagree?

02-19-09New Partner

02-20-09Ruin the Mood

02-21-09Caustic Calls

02-22-09Work Ethics

02-23-09Living Healthy

02-24-09Worker’s Comp


03-01-09Life According to S*P pt 1

03-02-09Life According to S*P pt 2

03-03-09Life According to S*P pt 3

03-04-09Life According to S*P pt 4

03-05-09Life According to S*P pt 5

03-06-09Life According to S*P pt 6

03-07-09Life According to S*P pt 7

03-08-09Life According to S*P pt 8

03-09-09The Bar Is Gone… Again

03-10-09Trip Planning

03-11-09No Regrets

03-12-09The Next Two Weeks


03-14-09Fred’s Personal Hell

03-15-09Wakey Times!

03-16-09Revenge of Q&A pt 1

03-17-09Revenge of Q&A pt 2

03-18-09Revenge of Q&A pt 3

03-19-09Revenge of Q&A pt 4

03-20-09Revenge of Q&A pt 5

03-21-09Revenge of Q&A pt 6

03-23-09A Moment That Will Live On

03-24-09Forgotten Bits of Us pt 1

03-25-09Forgotten Bits of Us pt 2

03-26-09Forgotten Bits of Us pt 3

03-27-09Forgotten Bits of Us pt 4

03-28-09Forgotten Bits of Us pt 5

03-29-09Forgotten Bits of Us pt 6

03-30-09Yet To Come

03-31-09Old Bad Blood


04-01-09Just Business pt 1

04-02-09Just Business pt 2

04-03-09Just Business pt 3

04-04-09Just Business pt 4

04-05-09Just Business pt 5

04-06-09Just Business pt 6

04-07-09Just Business pt 7

04-08-09What Once Was Lost


04-10-09Baby Paperwork

04-11-09Spirited Kids pt 1

04-12-09Spirited Kids pt 2

04-13-09Extra Credit


04-15-09Raging at the Future

04-16-09Every Time I Turn Around

04-17-09A Question

04-18-09Where We Used To Live

04-19-09Quoth the Choo-Choo Bear

04-20-09The Tell-Tale Jerk

04-21-09Rue Morgue Revisited

04-22-09Kids’ Stuff

04-23-09Spreading the Geekery

04-24-09Planning Stages

04-25-09Thinking of You


04-27-09Last Ditch

04-28-09The Best Inked Plans….

04-29-09Second Thoughts



05-01-09Church Cards

05-02-09One Man’s Pain

05-03-09How’s It Feel?

05-04-09Another New Hire

05-05-09Job Requirements

05-06-09His First Day

05-07-09His First Call

05-08-09His Lesson

05-09-09The Great Underlong Online Empire pt 1

05-10-09The Great Underlong Online Empire pt 2

05-11-09The Great Underlong Online Empire pt 3

05-16-09The Earth Moved


05-18-09Tattoo Care

05-19-09Unexpected Friends

05-20-09Slight Pinch

05-24-09Reader Q&A Sunday

05-25-09Being Watched

05-26-09Isn’t It Nice?

05-27-09Date Prep


05-29-09Snow Cones and the Search For Truth

05-30-09Goodnight At the Door

05-31-09Reader Q&A Sunday


06-01-09True Values

06-02-09Desperate Times

06-03-09What You’d Expect

06-04-09Local Flavor

06-05-09Land of the Lost

06-06-09Ghosts of Roommates Past

06-07-09Reader Q&A Sunday

06-08-09Crazy Talk

06-09-09The Show Must Go On


06-11-09Every Day Is Halloween

06-12-09The Dangers of Costume Choice


06-14-09Reader Q&A

06-15-09Home Hunting

06-16-09A Need For Mercy

06-17-09Childish Things

06-18-09Mistargeted Advertising

06-19-09Daddy! Daddy!

06-20-09A Phone Call Away

06-21-09Reader Q&A

06-22-09Preschool Theology

06-23-09It Stares Into You


06-25-09The Greater Power

06-26-09The Shy One

06-27-09The “Getting to Know You” Stage

06-28-09Reader Q&A

06-29-09Online Gaming

06-30-09A Relocated Memory


07-01-09What’ll They Think?

07-02-09The Right Things to Say

07-03-09The Strings Attached

07-04-09The Rocket’s Red Burn

07-05-09Reader Q&A

07-06-09From the Depths of the Hard Drive pt 1

07-07-09From the Depths of the Hard Drive pt 2

07-08-09From the Depths of the Hard Drive pt 3

07-09-09From the Depths of the Hard Drive pt 4

07-10-09Idle Brains are the Internet’s Playthings

07-11-09Family History

07-13-09The Thing About Secrets

07-17-09Kindness of Strangers

07-18-09The Senior Special

07-20-09House Hunting

07-21-09Who Watches…?

07-22-09The Road to Comic-Con

07-26-09Just to Recap


07-28-09The Fear


07-30-09A Memorable First Time




08-03-09Pet Care

08-04-09Dreams Continued pt 1

08-05-09Dreams Continued pt 2

08-06-09Dreams Continued pt 3

08-07-09Dreams Continued pt 4

08-10-09Transfer Request


08-12-09Pleading Her Case pt 1

08-13-09Pleading Her Case pt 2

08-14-09Pleading Her Case pt 3

08-17-09School Clothes

08-18-09Parent-Teacher Conference pt 1

08-19-09Parent-Teacher Conference pt 2

08-20-09Parent-Teacher Conference pt 3

08-21-09Parent-Teacher Conference pt 4

08-22-09The First of Many

08-23-09Office Tech

08-24-09On the Job Training

08-25-09The Install

08-26-09Random Meeting

08-27-09After a Long Day

08-30-09Who’s Waiting



09-01-09A Night Drive

09-02-09Slowly Drifting Off

09-03-09A Damned Long Day pts 1-4

09-04-09A Damned Long Day pts 5

09-07-09A Damned Long Day pts 6

09-08-09A Damned Long Day pts 7

09-09-09A Damned Long Day pts 8

09-10-09A Damned Long Day pts 9

09-11-09A Damned Long Day pts 10

09-12-09A Damned Long Day pts 11

09-14-09A Damned Long Day pts 12 and 13

09-15-09A Damned Long Day pts 14

09-16-09A Damned Long Day pts 15

09-17-09A Damned Long Day pts 16

09-18-09A Damned Long Day pts 17

09-21-09A Damned Long Day pts 18

09-22-09A Damned Long Day pts 19

09-23-09A Damned Long Day pts 20 and 21

09-25-09A Damned Long Day pts 22

09-27-09A Damned Long Day pts 23

09-28-09A Damned Long Day pts 24

09-29-09A Damned Long Day pts 25

09-30-09A Damned Long Day pts 26


10-01-09A Damned Long Day pts 27-30

10-02-09A Damned Long Day pts 31

10-03-09A Damned Long Day pts 32

10-04-09A Damned Long Day pts 33

10-05-09Your Baby As Seen By….

10-06-09Names and Traditions


10-13-09We Miss You

10-14-09Over Wine


10-16-09Moments of Doubt

10-19-09A Few Changes

10-20-09Getting Ready

10-21-09One Last Thing

10-22-09I Wanna Play!

10-23-09What to Play

10-26-09Another Rocky Start

10-27-09A Bloody Mess pt 1

10-28-09A Bloody Mess pt 2

10-29-09Randy Still Has Hope and A Bloody Mess pt 3

10-30-09A Bloody Mess pt 4

10-31-09A Bloody Mess pt 5


11-01-09A Bloody Mess pt 6

11-02-09Widdle Babies

11-09-09Come and Play

11-10-09The Gift-Giver


11-12-09What Big Eyes….

11-13-09Can’t We Be Happy?

11-14-09Oh, Hey, No

11-15-09Proud Parents

11-16-09Promises, Promises

11-17-09Childhood Fears

11-18-09Almost Paternal Advice


11-20-09Yulecon 2009

11-27-09How This All Works

11-28-09Familiar Lows

11-29-09Idolizing Eyes

11-30-09Old Familiar Voice


12-01-09What Would He Say?

12-02-09You’ve Come Far

12-03-09… About the Show

12-04-09Not a Personal Project

12-05-09Little Memories

12-06-09Off to the Theatre

12-07-09The Other Man

12-08-09Old Theatre Stories

12-09-09Up From the Drain

12-10-09Just a Brief Moment

12-11-09Where You Come From

12-12-09A Girls’ Night

12-13-09Why Bother?

12-14-09Just Before Curtain

12-15-09A Message pt 1

12-16-09A Message pt 2


12-18-09What Happened To…?

12-19-09End of Year Eight

12-28-09[RWW] Corsetto & Milholland pt 1

12-29-09[RWW] Out of Work Filler

12-30-09Q&A: Where Did Vanessa Come From?

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