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01-01-10[RWW] Corsetto & Milholland pt 1

01-02-10[LWR] All Right, Beardy!

01-04-10Old Familiar Faces VIII pt 1

01-05-10Old Familiar Faces VIII pt 2

01-06-10Old Familiar Faces VIII pt 3

01-07-10Old Familiar Faces VIII pt 4

01-08-10Old Familiar Faces VIII pt 5

01-09-10Old Familiar Faces VIII pt 6

01-10-10Old Familiar Faces VIII pt 7

01-11-10Rub It In/Wakey-Wakey, Sleeping Burny pt 1

01-12-10A Little Sniff/Wakey-Wakey, Sleeping Burny pt 2

01-13-10Oz/Wakey-Wakey, Sleeping Burny pt 3

01-14-10Cat Burglar/Wakey-Wakey, Sleeping Burny pt 4

01-15-10New Projects/Wakey-Wakey, Sleeping Burny pt 5

01-18-10Random Search/Wakey-Wakey, Sleeping Burny pt 6

01-19-10A Gentle Reminder/Kharisma Realizes

01-23-10Weekend Filler – The Trapper

01-24-10Weekend Filler – … And His Prey?

01-25-10Temp Boss

01-26-10Secreted Away



02-01-10… Am Number One!

02-02-10Looking But Not Touching

02-03-10Finally Learned

02-04-10Indoor Voice

02-05-10Meanwhile, In the Real World

02-08-10Valentine’s Shift pt 1

02-09-10Valentine’s Shift pt 2

02-10-10Valentine’s Shift pt 3

02-11-10Valentine’s Shift pt 4

02-13-10Fire Fishing

02-15-10The Second You Turn Your Back

02-16-10Fatherly Bragging

02-17-10Don’t Wanna Think About It

02-18-10Fruits of the Labor.

02-19-10The Nerd’s TV Lament


02-23-10Fresh Off The Bus/A Perfect Rock

02-24-10Donna/New Girl In Town

02-25-10Vanessa’s Apology/Showing Up


02-28-10A Sunday Filler


03-01-10Mi Casa, Su Pesadilla

03-02-10The Test Run

03-03-10About Rory

03-04-10Sounded Better

03-05-10Slumber Party

03-08-10Too Many of Them

03-09-10Fake It

03-10-10The Truth Tumbles Out

03-11-10Emergency Support

03-12-10Ideas Before Sunrise

03-15-10Loophole Hunting

03-16-10Build Up To It

03-17-10House Guest Respect

03-18-10Breakfast Guest


03-20-10Filler Comic – Peter the Conqueror

03-21-10Filler Comic – Noble Ghosts

03-22-10An Idea/Forethought

03-23-10Laying Plans

03-24-10Aubrey’s Mark

03-25-10To The Future

03-30-10Announcements/Weird Cats

03-31-10Little Gifts


04-02-10Thank My GPS

04-06-10The Wonders of Wondercon

04-12-10Difference of View

04-13-10Try Not to Think About It

04-14-10Peas in a Pod

04-15-10Destruction Awaits

04-19-10C2E2 Sketch

04-20-10Some Things Don’t Change


04-22-10Back To How It Was Before

04-23-10Keep Running

04-26-10Bountiful Freedoms or the Rack of Despair

04-27-10Road to Troy/Good Judgment


05-03-10Trying To Be a Dad

05-04-10Valuable Lesson


05-06-10The Strip Club of Infinite Despair pt 1

05-07-10The Strip Club of Infinite Despair pt 2

05-10-10The Strip Club of Infinite Despair pt 3

05-11-10The Strip Club of Infinite Despair pt 4

05-12-10The Strip Club of Infinite Despair pt 5

05-13-10The Strip Club of Infinite Despair pt 6

05-14-10The Strip Club of Infinite Despair pt 7

05-15-10The Strip Club of Infinite Despair pt 8

05-16-10The Strip Club of Infinite Despair pt 9


05-18-10Late Night Chats pt 1

05-19-10Late Night Chats pt 2

05-20-10Late Night Chats pt 3

05-21-10Late Night Chats pt 4

05-22-10Late Night Chats pt 5

05-23-10Late Night Chats pt 6

05-24-10Late Night Chats pt 7

05-25-10Late Night Chats pt 8

05-26-10I’ll Take No Denial pt 1

05-27-10I’ll Take No Denial pt 2

05-28-10I’ll Take No Denial pt 3

05-29-10I’ll Take No Denial pt 4

05-30-10I’ll Take No Denial pt 5

05-31-10I’ll Take No Denial pt 6


06-01-10Late Night Chats pt 9



06-04-10Bad Morning pt 1

06-05-10Bad Morning pt 2

06-06-10Bad Morning pt 3

06-07-10Bad Morning pt 4

06-08-10Bad Morning pt 5

06-20-10Well That Was Uncomfortable


06-30-10Food For Thought


07-01-10Getting To Know Your Friends

07-02-10What We Do

07-03-10Deaths pt 1

07-04-10Deaths pt 2

07-14-10Comic-Con Inches Closer

07-17-10A Day With Baby

07-18-10Trolls vs. Troll

07-19-10A Chip Off the Old Restraining Order

07-20-10Bad at Secrets

07-21-10A Door Between Him And Learning

07-22-10Matching Up Definitions

07-23-10Bad Comic-Con Dreams

07-24-10Nothing’s Too Hard

07-25-10Well Covered

07-26-10Personal Budget

07-27-10The New Feel

07-28-10The New Feel

07-28-10Catting Around


08-01-10Unfamiliar Faces pt 1

08-02-10Unfamiliar Faces pt 2

08-03-10Unfamiliar Faces pt 3

08-04-10Unfamiliar Faces pt 4

08-05-10Unfamiliar Faces pt 5

08-06-10High Times

08-07-10Low Tolerance

08-08-10Drunk Dials

08-09-10Free-Range Helen

08-10-10Schoolgirl Crushes

08-11-10Daddy’s Little….

08-12-10Pouring Out

08-13-10Giving Faith

08-26-10Inez Would Slug Me

08-29-10Kitty Records

08-30-10Family Spats

08-31-10Davan’s Bargain



09-02-10There’s Been Confusion

09-03-10Everyone Wants a Kitten

09-04-10But Why?

09-05-10No More Waiting

09-06-10No, Seriously

09-09-10Something Morning Breakfast Positive?

09-10-10Something Hijinks

09-13-10Cyanide & Positivity

09-14-10Last Check


09-16-10The Red Specter

09-17-10Do Not Want

09-20-10On Stranger Tides

09-21-10Cat Dreams pt 1

09-22-10Cat Dreams pt 2

09-23-10Cat Dreams pt 3

09-24-10Cat Dreams pt 4

09-25-10Cat Dreams pt 5

09-26-10Cat Dreams pt 6

09-29-10Rory’s First Haunt pt 1

09-30-10Rory’s First Haunt pt 2


10-01-10Rory’s First Haunt pt 3

10-02-10Rory’s First Haunt pt 4

10-03-10Rory’s First Haunt pt 5

10-04-10Rory’s First Haunt pt 6

10-05-10Rory’s First Haunt pt 7

10-06-10Rory’s First Haunt pt 8

10-07-10Rory’s First Haunt pt 9

10-08-10Rory’s First Haunt pt 10

10-09-10Rory’s First Haunt pt 11

10-10-10Rory’s First Haunt pt 12


10-12-10The Little Things

10-13-10As Crazy As It Gets

10-14-10A Fun Little Game

10-15-10Getting the Facts pt 1

10-16-10Getting the Facts pt 2

10-17-10Getting the Facts pt 3

10-18-10Getting the Facts pt 4

10-19-10Getting the Facts pt 5

10-31-10Watching it Fall


11-01-10The New “Hello”

11-02-10Old and Un-Improved

11-03-10Not Convincing


11-05-10Adding Branches to the Tree

11-08-10Best Friends Forever

11-09-10… I Just Don’t Know

11-15-10Just… Don’t


11-17-10A Fit

11-18-10Think Before You Volunteer

11-19-10… help

11-20-10Memories Made of Felt and Sadness

11-21-10The Last Kitten

11-22-10Going Feral

11-23-10Oh No!

11-24-10Parades and Feet

11-25-10Always Sorta Known

11-29-10In Your Heart

11-30-10Crispy Nativity


12-01-10Library Voice, Library Wishes

12-02-10Plan of Attack

12-03-10Character Design

12-04-10Crafting the Offer

12-05-10Comic Realizations

12-06-10White Flags


12-08-10The Perfect Candidate

12-09-10Obvious Choices

12-10-10Burning Lessons


12-12-10Buried Treasure

12-13-10The New Addition

12-14-10Naming Rights

12-23-10Extra Life

12-27-10The Best Laid Plan pt 1

12-28-10The Best Laid Plan pt 2

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