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Brandy Land!

As a way of thanking all of you for all the kindness you've shown me the past two weeks, I wanted to give you something... so here's a shoddy little board game I threw together.

Goal: The goal of Brandy Land is simple. You're a Gingerdrunk in the magical land of Brandy Land, where alcohol flows more plentifully than water or even excuses. However, dark times have fallen upon you and need need a new liver or you won't be able to drink anymore... or walk... or really do a hell of a lot of anything. Race the other Gingerdrunks to the Liver Emporium. The first to arrive receives the last liver they have in stock and will live to toast his soon-to-be departed friends at their funerals.

Roll the die and advance your Gingerdrunk along the board. Some spaces have special instructions that'll help you. Others have instructions that'll hamper you.

The "Randy's Interested in Saving His Ass From Lawsuits" Bit: This isn't intended for minors, nor is it intended to promote the underaged to start drinking (I waited until I was twenty-three so you can wait a while, too). Nor is it intended to promote drinking to dangerous excess. It's a fucking game. If people could separate reality from fantasy, I wouldn't have to say shit like this.

What You Need To Play: The Brandy Land board (see below), Brandy Land Gingerdrunks (see below) and a six-sided die (yes, that's the singular of dice - look it up) which you can pull out of one of your other boardgames.

The Board: Print the sections of the board out and cut the excess white areas around each panel along the thick, outer black lines. Tape them together (on the back) as follows:


Exciting, right? Yeah. I thought so. You can print the pages for the board in either color or black and white (72 dpi - sorry. I'd rather not kill my bandwidth with 300 dpi downloads)

Whiskey Falls: Color or Black/White

Martini Marsh: Color or Black/White

Rum Ridge: Color or Black/White

Scotch-Henge: Color or Black/White

Lake Gin-Eva: Color or Black/White

Liver Emporium: Color or Black/White

The Gingerdrunks: Print the Ginerdrunks out (in either color or black and white). Cut them apart along the thick black line. For each Gingerdrunk, fold the base area backwards along the thin black line. If need be, tape a penny to the base to keep the Gingerdrunk standing (or take away his bottle).

Gingerdrunks: Color or Black/White

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