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Jason Chorde
Full Name: Jason Michael Chorde

Bachelor Name: Pratchett

Date of Birth: March 19, 1972

Ethnicity: A random mix of Celt.

Religious Leanings: Somewhere between athiest and agnostic

Addictions: Beautiful, beautiful ladies

Biography: Jason was a child genius. He started college when others his age were starting driver's ed. And like any other boy genius, his mind was centered on one think - girls.

Flash-forward about ten years and three degrees later. When Jason met Davan at an audition, he was at the tail-end of a very unhappy relationship that was set to explode. When it finally did, Jason rose from the ashes as a phoenix... a lecherous, womanizing phoenix. The most outgoing of the group, Jason is known for his details plans and thick, black book. The latter is currently in retirement as he's attached romantically to Aubrey.

Jason always has something on the burner. Unlike Aubrey's schemes, the projects Jason works on receive more time and patience. He's driven by larger goals and payoffs, whereas Aubrey runs on whim.
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