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Full Name: Interesting question....

Date of Birth: A lady doesn't tell.

Ethnicity: A little of this, a little of that.

Religious Leanings: Pagan(-ish?)

Addictions: Console games, World of Warcraft

Biography: Kestrel hails from Colorado where, for years, she lived with her two best friends (who just happened to be married to each other). There she had many magical adventures involving ponies and panties (not at the same time).

After a spirited exchange between herself and Davan, Kestrel decided to consider moving to New England after her roommates began expecting a child. She visited and interviewed at Branwen's company, where she was quickly hired. Later on, she moved to New England. Everything that happened between her leaving Colorado and her showing up in the offices is probably unimportant and won't be covered here.
Kestrel was originally created by the cartoonist Aeire and appeared as the lead in her comic, Queen of Wands, which ran from 2002 until early 2005. It can still be enjoyed on the web.
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