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Main Cast (in alphabetical order):

Choo-Choo Bear (II) Choo-Choo Bear (II)

This isn’t the usual pudding cat you’ve come to know and love. He shows up on “special” occasions to disseminate knowledge and snark. If there’s any fourth wall breaking, he will do it. Beyond this, he isn’t a part of the strip’s “reality.”

First Appearance: “Q&A”, Jul. 15/16, 2003
Aubrey Aubrey Chorde

Aubrey is many things: dreamer, business owner, viable threat. She’s come a long way from her childhood of causing havoc in Texas. In the early days of the comic, Aubrey was notorious for awful schemes that seemed so bad they could almost work. And one day, one of them did. She is the owner of the tech support and phone sex company, based in Boston. She’s fiercely loyal to her friends, especially PeeJee and Davan.

First Appearance: “Now Meet Aubrey”, Dec. 20, 2001.
Jason Jason Chorde (formerly Pratchett)

Jason is walking self-esteem with the skills to back it up. A child genius, he’s always got a plan and looking for someone to help enact it. Despite a lifetime of lechery and long ago learning the secret formula for “short term dating success,” Jason married Aubrey in 2006 and took her last name. He’s still scheming though, although recently his antics have slowed in the wake of seeing Wil Wheaton lose an arm.

First Appearance: “Snow White, Blood Red” pt 1, Jan. 21, 2002.
Mike Mike Dowden

For a long time, Mike lived the life of a stereotypical geek. Poor choices, antisocial, condescending. He had faults, too. But he’s trying now – trying to be a good spouse, a good dad, and a good person. He stumbles now and again but he’s learned to pick himself up instead of screaming at the rock he tripped on for its choice of anime.

First Appearance: “PeeJee & Dragons” pt 2, Apr. 29, 2002.
Davan Davan MacIntire

Davan’s just a guy. Sometimes he’s smart and sometimes he’s very stupid. He’s the friend who’ll listen, although you may wish he hadn’t. Originally from Texas, he lived in Boston for many years before eventually returning with PeeJee to help his father. The least “enthusiastic” of the group, Davan will begrudgingly try anything once. Twice if he needs something to complain about.

First Appearance: “Enter PeeJee and Davan”, Dec. 19, 2001.
Jason Fred MacIntire

Fred’s worked hard his whole life. Now he’s retired and spends his time dealing with sickness, gardening and worrying over (and causing worry for) Davan, Dahlia, and Monette. He’s a mouthy senior citizen who knows he’s earned the right to dole out the snark.

First Appearance: “Texas Trek” pt 2, Mar. 12, 2002.
PeeJee Penelope-Jennifer “PeeJee” Shou

PeeJee’s the “innocent” of the group, or as innocent a woman prone to flurries of violent outbursts can be. Eager to follow a scheme or help a friend, she’s most likely to overlook her own needs and wants for others. After all, not a lot of people would leave behind a life full of comfort and friends to travel to a new place and help a friend watch over his aging father. It’s just as well, though. She was running out of gay men to obsess on in Boston.

First Appearance: “Enter PeeJee and Davan”, Dec. 19, 2001.
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