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January 2, 2004

Guest Week
Guest Strip by Chris Hazelton of Building 12


Anime Sans Speed Lines

January 2, 2004

Building 12 is what I always imagined a comic strip based off the roleplaying game Teenagers From Outer Space would be like - frantic but still enjoyable to someone who's not all that into manga. Look it over. His is also one of the only comics I've done fan art for... granted, I drew it in six minutes. So, please, be gentle.

Boston area people: Wanna see the REAL Jason, Spooky and Girl the Talking Sex Doll are based off of? Do you like fantasy stories like that one with the hobbits and a ring (I think that's what it's about - not sure, because it's so obscure and all)? How about Improv comedy? Well, Jason, Spooky and Sex Doll Girl are three of the stars of Quest, an improv serial show taking place in a world of fantasy. Each week of January through February is a new installment of the adventure at the lovely ImprovBoston in scenic Cambridge. The first show is this Saturday at 6pm. I'll be there. And if you aren't, I'm afraid we just can't be friends anymore. But if you do show up, and find me before or after the show, maybe I'll give you something nice. No, not a swift kick to your sensitive spots. -R

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