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January 2, 2008

Today's Comic
Con Stuff pt I don't know how many.

Decemebr 30, 2007

First off, a reminder: I'll be at Ohayocon in Columbus, Ohio, this weekend. Clarine will be there. Greg Ayers will be there. The ever wonderful Robert and Emily DeJesus will be there. I hope you'll be there, too. I've not been to Ohio since 2004 for Obercon (I hope those kids are well).

Also, when I last posted my list of cons for 2008, I forgot one that's also confirmed. I'll be at No Brand Con in Wisconsin. I'm really excited about that! And while not totally confirmed, I'll probably be at UBCon again in Buffalo. Those guys are pretty awesome so I'm pretty happy about that.

So now the bad news.

I won't be at Arisia as a guest as I'd previously announced. There was a mix-up - it was accidental and not with malice. That being said, it was a pretty bad mix-up and it was handled pretty horribly - and, yes, I'm still really pissed off about it. I'm going to refrain from going into any more details. It will do no one any good right now anyway. That's my attempt to make things better for those involved.

I did make a promise to the Teseracte Players of Boston to help with Rocky Horror and Buffy the Musical (yes, they do have legal right to perform it) since I'd thought I was going to be at the con anyway and I'm not going to go back on my word. I will be at both performances (unless something else out of my hands occurs - in which case I'll be sure to disclose the FULL details of the whole matter) and if you'd hoped on getting a free sketch - well, catch me right after the shows end and I'll be happy to.

I apologize to those who'd hoped to get drawings, say hi, or ask questions about the comic. I'm not very happy about this matter, either, but it's beyond my control. If there's interest, I'll do a reader gathering that weekend in the evening so those who'll be around (I know a few of you were coming to the con from out of town) can get your questions answered, pictures drawn, or whatever you want. Again, I'm sorry this happened.

That being said, I do want to thank a few people who tried very hard to fix the problems that arose - namely Julia (a former roommate of mine) and her boyfriend Conor, both of whom care about me and the convention and want to help this con be everything it should be; September Isdell, Arisia's conchair who jumped into action despite being kept completely out of the loop and did her damnedest at damage control and really DID want to make things work out well (for those of you who do attend Arisia, if you see her, please say nice words); and my con manager, Michael Garcia, who was put in the unfortunate position of having to be the bulldog that got things done. There are a few other people I should thank, but I'll do so privately.

I'd prefer not to blow up about this further. I've already done so a few times and I'd like it to rest. -R

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