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January 6, 2004


Don't Forget

January 5, 2004

I will be at Genericon in Troy,New York January 16-18th (I believe the 17th is the day all the major webcomic stuff goes down). Other guests are Pete Abrams of Sluggy Freelance (he's totally following me to EVERY con I go to), Ian J. of RPGWorld, Meredith Gran of Skirting Danger, Aaron Farber of Men in Hats, Samuel Early of Upstate, and Josh Mirman of Stubble.

I will be atOberCon at Oberlin University in Ohio on February 27-29th. I have a lot of readers in Ohio, and if I can drive there from New England, you can drive a couple of hours to see me, right? *bats eyelashes)

And, I'll be at ICON at SUNY Stonybrook, New York, on March 26-28. I couldn't hope to tell you who else is going to be there, but I'm sure they'll be impressive. COME SEE ME! If I go to any of these cons and no one comes by to say hi, this comic will be two cats shorter than it was before. -R

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