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January 6, 2009

Today's Comic
We're Not The Only Ones Back

January 6, 2009

The thing that sucks horribly about coming back from holiday break is trying NOT to look at stats. My numbers always drop by half over the Christmas break and I have to remind myself of this every year.

But S*P isn't the only comic coming back from a break. Girly Comic is back - if you've never read any of Josh Lesnick's work... dear Jesus, what's wrong with you? His art is amazing and fluid. I admit, I get very jealous of his work.

Also back is Scott Arsenault's
Commander Kitty, with a bit of a reboot. The style's the same, and Scott's an amazing guy (I got to meet him at a few cons way back). If you're in for some fun space comedy, now's the time to pick his comic up... although I hope the old archives return one day (hint, hint). -R

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