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January 7, 2009

Today's Comic
A Convention You Won't See Me At

January 7, 2009

The ever-delightful Amanda Bussell alerted me to a convention that's going on in our backyard here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. What's that con, you ask? Why, it's TwiCon, a Twilight fan con (that's for-profit but still uses a .org url - don't even get me started).

Now I love mocking the horror that is Twilight fandom as much as the next person... or more. Okay, some people like mocking it a lot more than me. Fine. But, hey, I was under the age of twelve and stupid once myself. As long as they're having fun and don't ejaculate someone's brain, no harm, no foul, right?

Then I really looked at this site.

The Con Registration itself is $255 per person. That doesn't appear to cover the hotel stay, either, which according to the same page is an ever-so-affordable $139-per-night for up to four people per room. Let's just assume you went and DID have three more people to split the cost of the room - that's $359.25 you're dropping before travel, food, entertainment, and spending money.

Okay, now I admit I spent a LOT on Comic-Con last year - and will again this year. However, I went as a vendor and was there to make money and meet people (only two dickheads, too, in the whole five days - pretty awesome con, I have to say). I made that back, and my share of the table wasn't too bad. Hell, most of my expense was having the merch to sell (by the way, TwiCon, a first year con, has vendor tables for $750... you're paying $750 to sell stuff to people who had to spend at least $255 to get in the door - oh, and while an Artists' Alley table is a mere $100, you aren't allowed to sell anything).

Oh, it gets better.

Like all real fandom cons, it boasts guests who are important to the topic at hand (actors from the movie, a fandom guest, bands centered around Twilight[?!?!?!]). Great. Fine. And, hey, you'll get their autographs, right?

Yeah. Unless they aren't there.

See, per the terms of service, they don't guarantee any of the guests will actually be there. Hey, okay. Shit happens and it's always possible for a guest to bow out for personal reasons, or because the con fucks with 'em (hey, AggieCon - thanks again). But still - I dunno, if I'm dropping that much money I - oh, hell. Just read the whole terms of service. It's something else.

I realize I am FAR from their target audience (I have testicles and they've descended, and I'm not trying to get into emo panties) - and hey, if someone really wants to go, that's they're Goddamn right and it's the con's right to charge that much. But let's be realistic - this is going to suck for any vendor who actually attends and wants to make money off their drained customers, and maybe it's just me but this smacks of someone who's really just trying to profit SEVERELY off a group at the expense of the love of the fandom and cons like that are just fast flashes. It seems like it would be better for said fans to pool together their resources and abilities and make a con that's about the thing they love, not cashing in on it (and I say this as a pretty ugly capitalist). But then again, maybe the con staff really loves Twilight.

Then again, it's probably hard to put on a con when you're saving your allowance for a junior prom dress. -R

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