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January 8, 2013

Today's Comic

January 8, 2013

As with all blog posts, I must start by promoting friends.

If you've never read "A Girl and Her Fed," you're doing yourself a huge disservice. The comic is fun and K.B.'s art is wonderful.

Another stunning comic is E.K. Weaver's "The Less-Than-Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal." I've known E.K. for a while and her comic is one of the best written, best drawn strips around with two of the most believable characters.

Spike Trotman of '"Templar, AZ" released a book last year called "Poorcraft." It's a book on living well, living frugally, and living responsibly. I cannot suggest this book enough as a gift to anyone who's about to enter "the real world" or is already there and having a hard time of it. The art is by Diana Nock of "Jinxville," "The Intrepid Girlbot," and others. Pretty amazing stuff.

Okay, now, before you read any further, if you've not read yesterday's comic - go do that now so it's not spoiled for you.


... No, seriously. Do it.

... You never listen.

... Well, I tried.

So, yesterday I finally revealed the face of Shazzy, Mike and Tamara's son. A few people have asked why it took me so long. The truth is I'd never really intended to drag out the "unseen face" thing as long as I did. The problem was getting his face design right. I felt i'd built up how horrifying the kid looked that there was no way he could actually live up to the awful

More than a few of you have happily informed me he lived up to your expectations.

I dunno if I should be proud of myself or apologize.

As for today's comic, it hopefully answers another question a lot of readers had. Yes, Davan said yes. To me it was a foregone conclusion he would. A lot of readers, however, thought Davan looked upset when Vanessa proposed. This is not so. That's just the look of being surprised. Davan's looked upset before. The looks are a bit different. But a lot of readers thought it was a cruel cliffhanger. Personally, I could be crueler.

In fact, I almost was. I almost ended Year Eleven with the strip previous to the proposal. Then I considered doing another strip, unrelated to Vanessa proposing to Davan, but was informed I was crossing the line of dickery in a fashion even meaner than I normally do and was talked out of it.

My friends are looking out for you guys.

I find it annoying.

Oh, before I forget. I will once again be sharing a booth with the ever-awesome Danielle Corsetto of "Girls With Slingshots" at Emerald City Comic Con, March 1st through 3rd, at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. Last year was AMAZING. I hope to see a lot of you there this year, too.

And that's all for me. I'm now going to crawl back into bed and whimper about my sinus infection. -R.

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