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January 10, 2013

Today's Comic
A Friendship That Never Was

January 10, 2013

So, a while back, Mark Waid and John Rogers launched Thrillbent, a collection of webcomics that so far tend to learn towards action. Mark Waid's always a good choice for comics and John Rogers is an awesome writer. Seriously, if you haven't read Roger's 2006 to 2008 run on "Blue Beetle" or his "Dungeons & Dragons" title for IDW, you've deprived yourself. I'm pretty excited for his impending Thrillbent comic, "Arcanum."

Way back in the early days of the comic, the character Monette ended up living with Davan's parents in Texas. The original plan was, after a year or so, Davan would have to go back to Texas, load Monette and her stuff up, and drive her back to Boston. I had also planned on, once she returned, Monette and T-Bob becoming close friends. I even did a couple notes on story ideas centered on them and their various schemes.

But that didn't happen. Monette stayed in Texas and probably for the best. I'm actually happy with how it turned out for her as a character. Who knows, though. Maybe one day I'll end S*P and do a "things are slightly different" like Dave Willis's "Dumbing of Age," where Monette returns to Boston to hang out with T-Bob, Faye doesn't die, and other happy things occur.

I'm glad I typed that. If I'd had to say it I doubt I could have kept a straight face. -R.

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