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January 11, 2006
Today's Comic
Plugs and Gatherings

January 16, 2005

First, Webslum, one of the first homes S*P ever had, has redone their pricing scale. They're a pretty good deal - if ya need a host, give 'em a look. They treated me pretty well so I'll always have loyalty to them (unlike Speakeasy).

Second, cons: I will be at Vericon January 27th through 29th on Harvard's Campus in Cambridge, MA. I'm going to be part of the webcomics "how-to" panel at 10am (I love morning panels) with Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content and part of the general webcomics panel at 1:30pm that same day with Jeph and Tim Buckley of Ctrl-Alt-Delete. Apparently, Vericon is assigning someone to me... my reputation preceeds me.

On February 25th, I'll be at Llamacon in Great Barrington, MA. It's a one day con only. I know Jeph will be there again, and I believe R. Stevens of the loveable, huggable Diesel Sweeties will also be in attendance.

I'll also be at I-Con 25 Marcy 24th through 26th at SUNY Stonybrook in Long Island, NY. There are a few other con invitations I have to sort through. I'll try to post my Vericon schedule very soon.

Oh, and Clarine Harp (the "Real" Aubrey) will be a guest AggieCon37 on March 23rd through 26th in College Station, TX. If you're in the area, I know she'd like it if you came by and said hello. Don't worry. She doesn't bite. She takes head shots from the shadows.

So, anyway - a few months back, I made a comment about doing a Boston Reader Gathering. The overwhelming response was, "Wait until January." Well, it's January. I'm thinking next week is a good time to do it. Probably on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday (I'm pretty sure my Thursday is already owned). Now, the question is: where? I'd prefer some place that doesn't require 21 and up (I've some younger readers, apparently) and that people can get to from the T (fucking mass transit). If you have an idea, email it to

And to the people who email ask, "When are you doing a gathering in [city name]?" I don't know. Honestly, I don't travel more than I have to. I'm a home body. Maybe I can do on in NYC soon - or near to I-Con. But beyond that, I really don't know. Same with the question of, "When are you attending a con in my area?" When a con in your area invites me and doesn't expect me to pay $600+ out of my own pocket to promote them (yes, this is a lot more common than you think). -R

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