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January 11, 2011

Today's Comic
Old Familiar Faces IX Part 3

January 11, 2011

Andy appeared randomly the first three years of S*P as a voice of reason when characters like Davan needed it. He's not been seen in a while, sadly - even more sadly, I've not seen his basis, my friend Andy French, in a while, either. Andy and I used to game together. Andy's also the co-creator of a gay-life themed furry comic series called Circles, which I can't find a link for right now. Andy was also, more than once, a voice of reason for me and probably kept me from doing some stupid things just to spite people.

And speaking of talking animals - I know a lot of you watched Darkwing Duck and/or Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers as kids. I did do. Hell, I grew up on old Gladstone Disney comic reprints and actually wanted to be a Disney comic book cartoonist until I learned that market, more or less, didn't exist in America and I'd have to learn Italian or Portuguese fluently. Well, BOOM! Studio's kids branch, BOOM! Kids, has had a lot of Disney licenses for over a year now. They're translating a lot of European Disney titles, making new Muppets and Pixar comics - and they're also making new books for Darkwing Duck and Rescue Rangers. If you liked the original cartoons, these books stick very close to their spirit - and the Darkwing Duck book even ties into Ducktales.

My eleven year old self would be freaking the fuck out right about now. -R.

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