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January 11, 2016

Today's Comic

Superfun Blog Time

January 11, 2016

Hey, everyone. Welcome to Year Fifteen of Something*Positive. I decided to start the year off with an old familiar critter instead of a face.

I spent most of 2015 kind of pulling inside and breaking communication with, well, everyone. I dunno what it was about that year if it was just the culmination of other things or someone put a curse on it or what but I spent most of it curled in a ball of "no" and avoidance. If you tried to get hold of me, sorry. It (probably) wasn't you.

Anyway, my goal for 2016 is to force myself to be more active and social and all that stuff. I give it til about mid February before I say, "Nope," but we'll see. -R.

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