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January 12, 2011

Today's Comic
Old Familiar Faces IX Part 4

January 12, 2011

Y'know what's weird? I've had today's Old Familiar Faces strip planned out since 2004.

Anyway, lemme tell you about my friend Katherine Curtis. Katherine is the nerd correspondent for Naked News (not safe for work, obviously). She also has a site called The Naked Nerd (also occasionally not safe for work). Kat's someone I had the pleasure of becoming friends with in 2010 and I'm thankful for that. We have spent more than a couple of hours talking about comics, nerd culture, and proper body disposal. Kat's ALSO in the voting for Wired's Sexiest Geek contest, which has open voting to the public. She's listed twice and I've been voting for the one with the most votes. I'd be a crappy friend if I didn't promote this, and I think she's kinda awesome, so if you can, help my friend out.

That's all. Hope you all are enjoying these daily news posts. I'm, surprisingly, not used to talking to much. -R.

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