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January 12, 2015

Today's Comic

January 12, 2015

Hey, all. Welcome to year fourteen of S*P. I know I didn't do any blog posts last year. I considered it a few times, but then I chose to nap.

No regrets.

2014 was a piece of shit to many people I know so I'm not sad to see it gone, although 2015 isn't going much better for a lotta folks. Which brings me to my friend Clarine Harp. Clarine's done a lot of voice work for Funimation as well as being their director of Blu-Ray, DVD, and Video Production. She's also been a very close friend of mine for a very long time, is the basis for Aubrey, and is the reason my comic is named Something Positive.

At the end of 2014, her mother's house burnt down because of a grease fire. Thankfully, her family and their bunnies escaped unharmed but this has, obviously, added a lot of stress to Clarine's shoulders. This past Friday, Clarine came home to her own house (which she purchased not a week before her mom lost her house) to find she'd barely missed burlars tearing her place apart. She's still finding a lot of the damages done, but one of the harder thing involved necklaces. These aren't fancy diamond studded pieces, but very sentimental pieces.

Understandably, she's shaken and heartbroken right now. She's also trying to do a project/exchange to take her mind off all of it. If you interested in participating, please take a moment to read her Facebook post on what happened and what she'd like and see if you're interested in participating. It would mean a lot to her and me, too. (Edit: Some people are having trouble getting to the post so I'll reproduce it here.)

From Clarine's Facebook Page:

    WARNING: If you dislike foul language, please disregard this post.

    I'm both incredibly thankful for the past two months and want the same time period to disappear. On November 6th, I moved into my first house. I'm a first-time home-buyer and felt that my 10 years of saving up for a down payment was the right thing to do.


    One week later, my mother's house burns down due to a grease fire and my parents and bunnies escaped with their lives. The past few months have mainly been about helping them with moving/recovery/donation stuff. But..

    Ho ho! I left work early tonight (6:30PM) to be home for a UPS package and barely missed the guys who burglarized my house. They not only took a lot of high-ticket items, but pawed through my underwear drawer and stole all of my costume jewelry, as well as some of my boyfriend's stuff.

    I am incredibly pissed off and violated. Those of you who know me well understand that I have been collecting necklaces since childhood. These degenerate fucks stole the necklace my grandmother (the only non-racist Caucasian related to me who is deceased) gave me, as well as historical jewelry from my mother from Malaysia. This has no monetary value; only sentimental. These people jacked with my childhood and my psyche.

    Fuck that, but here's how we fix it. In typical fashion, I want to turn this into an art project. Since these entitled mother fuckers stole sentimental items, I am desperate to replace them.

    Let's make new memories! I would like to start The Necklace Project. Instead of regular donations, I am calling out for necklaces to replace the things these criminal took. Necklaces that are cheap. Necklaces that are handmade. Necklaces that you wanted to throw away. I love them all.

    I will accept all necklaces with a personal note as to why they are sent. (replacing old sentimental value with new sentimental value)

    I will send something in thanks to every single person who sends me a necklace because snail mail rocks my world.

    PO Box 141003
    Dallas, TX 75214

    Let's make this a fun thing. Happiness out of evil and such...

    Love you guys!

As for me - I guess I should post more blog posts this year. I dunno. We'll see. We'll seeeeeee. -R.

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