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January 13, 2011

Today's Comic
Old Familiar Faces IX Part 5

January 13, 2011

So, Anna is, in fact, based off a person I did theatre with. She was fifteen when I met her and she and her father (who I always regretted not basing a character off of) both volunteered at the same children's theatre Josh, Claire, T-Bob and myself volunteered with. Those shows were a lot of fun and I have good memories of that time in my life. Anna was the fifteen year old watching the adults make general asses of themselves and learning what not to do when she was our age. She was a great actress and everyone loved her.

She did, in fact, marry that boy Josh and I damn-near traumatized. I went to the wedding in 2008, right before I left Boston. It was a wonderful ceremony and honestly I can't imagine two people who seem to fit together more perfectly. This past October, they had a daughter.

They're not the only people I based character off of to start families, either, but I generally leave most of that out of the comic. For starters, the characters and the people have long since parted ways and there's only fleeting similarities left in most of the cast. Also, it just feels a little weird and quite a few of these friends of mine started families at the same time.

But hey... I guess, if nothing else, there can always be a "next generation" version of the strip. It worked out well for Star Trek and Degrassi. -R.

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