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January 13, 2016

Today's Comic

Cat of a Different Color

January 13, 2016

Like Monday's comic, only Twitchy-Hug is the Old Familiar Face here (or Ashtray and Feet). The landlord and his son have never appeared before.

Twitchy-Hug's a weird character. He started out as a joke (whose introduction strip alienated a LOT of readers, more because it was me making fun of some of the weirder emails I'd ever gotten and how dare I!) and just... sorta... hug around for three years.

I decided to make him a mass murderer mostly because I thought the idea of a cat just killing people in the background and no one noticing was amusing to me. It opened a lot of questions from people who didn't understand why he hadn't been caught and felt it was completely unrealistic. His cousin is a candy-cotton pink hairless cat who stretches like silly putty and more or less had a bottomless void within people use as storage. But Twitchy-Hug getting away with murder? Too far.

A lot of people have asked why Twitchy-Hug changed colors. Really, I just couldn't decide what color he would be originally and, since it was like two in the morning when I was working on the comic, I thought, "Hell with it, he'll be all the colors." And that's really all it was. A dumb, two-in-the-morning idea. But I got a lot of interesting theories from readers on why they thought it was he changed color. After he started offing people, those theories amped up. I never confirmed or denied any of them because it was too much fun seeing what people read into it.

Man, that would bite me in the ass later on. -R.

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