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January 14, 2009

Today's Comic
Your Uncle Bill Needs a Helping Hand

January 14, 2009

First off: Remedial Comics: new webcomic, so you can get involved in it without having to lose a lot of sleep. Give it a read.

So, there's a webcomics many of you know called Kevin and Kell by Bill Holbrook. Bill's been doing comics for a while and is, frankly, an amazing guy. He's like everybody's favorite uncle - soft, caring, and nice in every way. Bill's got two other comics, too, in print: Safe Havens and On the Fast Track. With Kevin and Kell being both a web and print comic, there isn't anyone in comics who works harder than Bill and it was no small pleasure to run into him years ago at Dexcon in New Jersey.

A lot of newspapers these days are taking an ax to the comics section for one reason or another, and on Monday the Atlanta Journal Constitution dropped Kevin and Kell, as well as twelve other strips. Now, the same paper is running a poll of readers to see what new comics it should add to the roster. If Bill wasn't involved I'd be daring you all to write Something Positive in. But he is involved. So, if you're an Atlanta resident, give the hardest working, nicest guy in comics a helping hand if you can and give him a vote/a>.

And if you're near Santa Rosa, California, Bill will be at the
Charles M. Schulz Museum on the 21st of January. Drop by if you can. The man is a pleasure to listen and talk to.

Unlike me - who will headbutt you, do bad things to your girlfriend (with her permission), and dog ear all your comic books. And you'll like it. -R.

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