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January 14, 2015

Today's Comic
Three Blogs in a Row?!

January 14, 2015

Hey, all. Busy morning so far. First off, I'm slowly putting line art from 2014 strips in my art store if, y'know, you're interested in buying 'em. The people I pay bills to would greatly appreciate it.

So, I hope you're enjoying "Old Familiar Faces" week so far. Rebekah Mayfield's a weird character - she's shown up a bit but only once interacted with the main cast. For a long time I actually considered trying to bring her into the main cast. I mapped out her personality, her history, and more. But, honestly, she didn't really mesh well with the other characters when I tried to write scripts. Pretty much every script seemed like it should end with Aubrey skinning her alive.

Not that I imagine some of you would mind.

I am currently debating doing two extra "Old Familiar Faces" strips for this weekend. I probably won't be going back to seven days a week like way back when but there's a couple more characters I really want to revisit. There are way worse problems to have, I guess, than wanting to make more comics for you guys to read.

And if the first couple of weeks are indicative of the rest of 2015, I'm sure those worse problems are eager to drop by and say, "Hi!" -R.

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