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January 15, 2013

Today's Comic
Just Thinking About Conventions Makes Me Homesick

January 15, 2013

Daily prostituting of my friends: Joel Watson of "Hijinks Ensue" is offering a new ibook/e-book, "Sorry I Ruined Your Book," a collection of sketches he's done in people's books over the years. It has over 180 pages of art and commentary most folks have never seen and is available for whatever you're willing to donate (but please be generous, he's got an adorable kid who's going to be drawing circles around us all one day - she's gonna need art supplies).

Josh Lesnik is now offering the entire run of his comic "Girly" as an ebook as well. For a mere $10 you have have all seven chapters, outtakes, and bonus material. Quite a deal really.

Also, if you're a Boston local, my friend Amy will be performing in Geek Girl Boston presents Ruining Your Childhood on February 7th. She and her associates be ruining everything you loved about your childhood but with burlesque, so it's not so bad really.

Right now I'm trying to figure out which conventions I'll be attending as a vendor. The only ones set in stone are Emerald City Comic Con in Settle (March 1-3) with Danielle Corsetto and Phoenix Comicon with Danielle and Spike. As far as I know, I'll be at Blind Ferret's booth for GenCon, too. I'm having to drop Wondercon and C2E2 from my rotation this year. I hate doing it because the readers I meet there every year are wonderful people, but both conventions have become a bit of a sinkhole monetarily and I can't justify the losses. It's the same reason I've given up on doing Dallas area conventions or shows in New Jersey and New York.

Hopefully I'll have a list within a month of all the shows I'm attending. As usual, I will probably only be vending at conventions in the continental United States. Sorry, readers elsewhere - it's just too expensive to do a convention as a vendor internationally. Basically, the only way I can attend an international con is if I'm brought as a guest and said convention foots the bill. Considering past experiences with this (more precisely, being invited to conventions outside the U.S. and said conventions flaking the fuck out), I ain't holdin' my breath.

On a happier note, baby platypuses! -R.

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