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January 16, 2015

Today's Comic

January 16, 2015

Today's strip has basis in personal experience although not exactly the same situation. I quit a job that was apparently planning to outsource my position and was lectured about loyalty for twenty minutes by, seriously, the same man who came up with the idea to outsource my job and get rid of me. A few years before that I was laid off from a horrible dot-com which acted even worse, but I may save that for a storyline some day.

After yesterday's strip I knew I had to bring back a reader favorite character, hence Branwen (although a few friends brought up it would be nice to see her again). She's always a fun character and (most) of you guys seem to still care about her. She's one of the characters who, if I brought back into the main cast, I think a lot of people would be excited. When she showed up to hang out with Vanessa back in 2011 there was a bit of a joyful freak-out in my email box (and a few people, weirdly, hoping Vanessa and Branwen would hate each other and there'd be some jealousy storyline - a storyline I can say with no lack of honesty I'd rather have extracted my molars via my own asshole than write).

So here she is again. You might see a little more of her later this year, too. Might - unless I'm distracted by something shiny which is entirely possible.

Oh, and there's a good likelihood there will be -gasp- weekend comics for the first time in years. We'll see. -R.

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