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January 20, 2008

Today's Comic

January 22, 2008

First things first. My friend Elize (who did one of my two tattoos) used to work for a place called Toscanini's in Harvard Square. If you're one of the locals, you know the place. Apparently, they got in a tiny bit of tax trouble. Just a little. Okay, the state seized their assets. They're doing a donation drive to get themselves out of trouble. I link to it for to reasons: 1) Elize is one of the two people I trust enough to stab me over and over with a little needle and not go for my face. 2) I've a fair share of local or former Masshole readers who will find this of interest (either in a "Oh no!" or "Take that!" way) and wanted them to know and at least have a chance to voice their opinion on the matter (which the blog allows for, positive or negative - which is nicer than me because I'm oppressive, as posters to both my MySpace and Facebook accounts have learned).

Rinny's been gone for... a long time. No, she didn't leave me - not as long as I have her precious Mynah bird as a bargaining chip. She works a lot and has to travel, on occasions up to four weeks at a time, so I've been shorthanded around here. Also, she got REALLY sick last week - three ER visits, apparently - while away. That's had me distracted and freaked out. She seems to be getting better, which means I'm calming down and things are leveling out. Yes, I get worried and protective of Rinny. I'm a big pussy for her.

Also, the current storyline - I ended it early. I'm tossing the art of the other strips (pencils, anyway) because I just can't finish it. I tried this game and the disinterest I feel actually infected this storyline. I will say there are some fun parts of Pirates of the Caribbean Online, but it's hindered a lot by some pretty stupid sidequests (how much honey does that damn bar wench need?!) and some pretty silly rules (it's bad enough being told pirates don't shoot people because it's dishonorable, but being told so by Barbosa, the pirate whose men shot - granted, off screen - Elizabeth's butler in the first movie?!). It's basically a game developer taking a PG-13 property and trying to make it a family friend, fun for kids game. Sooooo... yeah. However, Josh (the real Jason) has apparently gone in and made the character Jason Rustblood. I find that infinitely amusing. Davan Pegbeard, however, will probably hang up his Jolly Roger for now. -R

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