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January 20, 2015

Today's Comic
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January 20, 2015

Before I start off, I wanna promote some people I know. First off, Ryan Sohmer and Lar DeSouza do a comic most of you have heard of called Looking For Group. Well, it's been announced it's now not just gonna be webcomic but a monthly title from Dynamite Comics. Go check the webcomic out, maybe pick up some of the books, and if you're into comic books, give the new title a read.

Also, once upon a time there was the guy named Brian Clevenger who did a really popular webcomic called 8-Bit Theater and then a really amazing comic book called Atomic Robo. Well, the latter is turning into a webcomic because Brian doesn't learn. Good thing fo you, though, 'cuz Atomic Robo is awesome. I wanna say that starts tomorrow (I could actually go check but meh, lazy) so get ready for something new to add to your daily read.

Speaking of stuff to read, I highly recommend you go over to Monica Gallagher's site Eat Your Lipstick and read through her comics. They're really fun and her art's astounding.

Okay, enough fun stuff. Let's talk about my comic. Last year one of the things I didn't do but wanted to was focus a little on Vanessa's brother Louis. I dunno whyn I like writing him so much. Probably because he's different from basically everyone else in S*P. So you'll probably see a bit of him int he future... if I'm not distracted by shinies. Which I will. I always am.


Hey, why don't you go get distracted in my art shop. If you like the Last Trick-or-Treaters, I have posters and even a few originals up for sale. You can even get turned into a Last Trick-or-Treater, beause who doesn't want to see a child version of themselves killed horribly?

See ya tomorrow. -R.

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