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January 22, 2016

Today's Comic

Passing the Cat

January 22, 2016

In my original timeline for S*P, the one I made up during the first few months of the comic, I'd planned on ending it at Year Ten. Originally, it was going to go as such: Year Six, PeeJee moves away. Year Seven, Kim leaves. Year Eight, Jhim. Year Nine, Jason.

Year Ten would have focused just on Aubrey, Davan and Choo-Choo Bear after their group of friends has dwindled to just them. Sure, there's be other characters still around but the core cast would have been gone. Near the end of the strip, Aubrey would have gotten her dream job offer and was going to leave. In one of the last strips, Davan was going to give Choo-Choo Bear to Aubrey before she moved away. There was other stuff, obviously, and all of this got scrapped because I began rethinking it in the second year of the comic (including when I considered killing Davan off in Year Three until the friends Aubrey and PeeJee are based upon voiced their EXTREME disapproval).

So, this is the closest that will ever come to that - Davan leaving Choo-Choo Bear with Vanessa so she's not alone. There are worse things, I guess. -

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