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January 28, 2013

Today's Comic
End, January, End

January 28, 2013

So remember that physical I had last week? The blood results came back on Saturday.

I almost feel like I cheated somehow. It just doesn't seem right. My cholesterol, both types? Low. That actually doesn't shock me too much. I've cut most fried food out of my diet and red meat and I only have an occasional hook-up. We're more friends with very occasional benefits. My blood sugar count is low enough it's almost out of the healthy range. I assumed by this point in my life I'd be a raging diabetic. NOPE! Diabetes is apparently waiting for a grand entrance to the ball.

Diabetes is a lot less threatening when you picture it as Cinderella, although it's hard to fit the glass slipper on when she's missing her feet.

So I guess the bad news (for some people at least) is I'll probably be around for a few more years, barring accident, sudden illness, or grackle abduction. I won't mind the last one, though. I'm just enough of a jerk to blend in with grackles. -R

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