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January 31, 2006
Today's Comic
Cons, Gatherings, and Faye

February 6, 2006

So, first off - I'll be at Llamacon in Great Barrington, MA, at the end of this month. I'll also be at I-Con 25 March 24-26 at SUNY Stonybook in Long Island, NY. And I want to thank everyone who came out to Vericon. It was great meeting all of you.

Second, I'm working on the donation gifts - I've been REALLY distracted and I apologize.

Third - there's a LOT of interest in doing a monthly S*P Boston Reader Meet Up. I think this will have to become a regular thing. Now, to find places. I know of one for sure, but it's not quite... "ready."

The lovely young woman who runs the S*P Myspace Group suggested a NYC/Long Island Reader Gathering right before I-Con. I think that's not a bad idea, personally. Email me if you'd be on board and if you have a good suggestion for a location.

Lastly - Faye. Yeah. Uh. Thanks for all the kind words. I have to say, that was one of the hardest things I've done. I'd planned on doing that story since 2002 and, I have to admit, the dread I felt for it made the comic very difficult to do. Anyway, back to work with me. Later. -R

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