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February 8, 2013

Today's Comic
Here's to Paying Bills

February 8, 2013

Hey, all. Just a quick note as, shortly, I have to put a cat into a carrier and take her to the vet to renew her shots, get her microchipped, and generally get her to hate me forever.

The art store is back... sorta. There's only a little merch right now. Some prints, two watercolors, and grabbags. I've finally fixed the shipping in the store to reflect USPS's new "exciting" rates. The "Super Stupor" books aren't back yet 'cuz I'm trying to see if I can offer multiple shipping options. If I can, I will offer those as media mail which will hopefully save LOTS o' money for folks.

The other major change is art grabbags. For the longest time, grabbags had no shipping, even for international orders, and were guaranteed to come with two random pieces. I've now set it up so you can choose the number of pieces you want (one to eight, or if you're feeling crazy, twenty). They all have the same shipping rate. Also, for the foreseeable future, orders will come with random fast sketches as an extra. They come on the same sketch cards I use at conventions.

One last thing - these changes only apply to new orders. If you're waiting on anything, old shipping rates/store rules apply. AND the Art Store is not the same thing as the S*P Shop at Blind Ferret, which has shirts, posters, and plushes. OH THE PLUSHES AND POSTERS THEY HAVE.

Sorry this is all just self-prostitution. Will try to be more interesting on Monday. See ya then! -R.

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