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February 13, 2013

Today's Comic
Precious Moments

February 13, 2013

So, yesterday's comic referenced Precious Moments, the bulbous-headed children that love Jesus in crappy merchandise bought by very religious grandmothers everywhere. What I didn't get to mention is last year I went to the Precious Moments Chapel in Missouri - yes, that's a real thing. Billboards for it refer to the chapel as the Sistine Chapel of the U.S., which is a pretty ballsy claim when you're selling little statues of kids who have elephantitis of the skull.

So, let me share with you pictures from my trip to the Precious Moments Chapel and chigger-infested statue garden (I am not making that up, either - HOLY SHIT so many little chiggers everywhere). All with my commentary, of course - some even have little short stories!

The Weeping Fireman

It's Not a Promise, It's a Threat

Doll in a Case


Angel in Recline

Lonely Angel

A Secret

The Soldier

And the Band Played


The Door

The Builders

Hiding Place

See ya tomorrow. -R.

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