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February 16, 2005
Today's Comic

February 16, 2005

First things first - some links.

MIT's putting on the Vagina Monologues tomorrow through Saturday. It's a good show and supports a good cause (fighting domestic abuse is always good). I enjoyed my minimal involvement with them last year (it's hard to say I "helped" when I just drew a picture and handed it to them to put on a shirt when they worked their asses off). If you live in the Boston area, give it a look.

Wapsi Square is easily one of the best comics on Keenspot. Good art, good characters, good dialogue.

Still going to be at UBCon in Buffalo, New York, April 15th through 17th. Please come by. I'll try to run games - more info later.

Johnny Hollow is still good music. Same with Meg Lee Chin.

E-gor's Chamber of TV Horror Hosts recently ate up a lot more of my time than it should have.

Last week, Scott Kurtz brought back Captain Amazing, a comic strip he did in college, for a week of filler strips. Although I was a couple of years behind Scott at UNT, I actually knew of his strip because a guy I worked with in the Academic Computing Center had Captain Amazing strips on his door (I was sad Scott didn't rerun his Star Trek: Next Generation strip. Still, Captain Amazing was one of the last two good comics to run in the NT Daily (I don't know if it's improved, but I strongly doubt it has). The other strip was called "Pituitary Kid", which the cartoonist ended to start a "serious" comic called "The Trenchcoat." However, he planned poorly and when the year ended, he still hadn't even reached the halfway point in his story... and honestly, no one cared. The only other comic that had a chance to be good was called, "My Girlfriend is a Werewolf" and was cancelled, if I recall correctly, because some students didn't like the sexual overtones. After that, just years and years of "Calvin and Hobbes" and "Far Side" rip offs.

Sort of like the real comics page.

Anyway, in Kurtz's newspost for the 15th, he addresses reader complaints that he had a character exclaim, "Christ!" People... complain about that? I honestly just couldn't believe it. I'm getting complaints over having the audacity to mock SIDS and Enterprise (not at the same time, but if I can find a way....). I don't know what I'd do if someone complained about me saying a word. The closest thing I've had to that experience was at Ubercon 4 (twitch) where, in my S*P panel, I said the word, "cunt." I don't remember why - I'm sure I found a reason for it to pertain. Some woman and her two male associates stood up and stormed from the room. I can only assume they realized they were in the wrong panel because I didn't get the usual, "IL NEVAR REDE THS COMIX AGAINE KTHXBYE!"

On a sidenote, I've mentioned to some female friends there needs to be a "Take Back the Cunt" march in Boston so people can reclaim that word from its negative meanings. I was encouraged by them to march down Mass Ave holding a sign saying, "TAKE BACK THE CUNT!" and they'd do their best to join me. Personally, I smell a trap.

Anyway... I finally got two upset emails over Enterprise. Two whopping emails. That's like two-thirds of their viewing audience, isn't it? I'll have to post 'em tomorrow.

I honestly had a point to writing all of this, but can't remember what it is now. -R

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