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February 26-27, 2006
Today's Comic
Why Updates Suck More Than Normal Lately

March 6, 2006

First off, if you live in the Boston area you need to go see "Death of a Saleslady," being put on by the Gold Dust Orphans. It's a great show that closes this weekend, on the 11th. I caught it on Saturday and it was amazing.

... Speaking of theater, and back to the "updates" thing...

Back when the comic started, I was pretty active in theater in Boston. The first year of the comic, actually, I did a lot of shows. Then 2003 came around and I quit theater for the most part to focus on the comic. I was briefly involved with a horrible joke of an improv group that, for some reason, is still breathing in Boston - but that's another story. After that, my acting was basically done.

So I'm acting again. It gets me out of the apartment and amongst people (whether I like it or not). The only problem is the show I'm rehearsing for is an hour South of the Boston metro area. So, basically, I'm driving two hours to get there (Boston traffic), have rehearsals for 2-3 hours, then drive an hour home. I will be making this trek until the 19th.

The comic is not going on hiatus, but I wanted to explain why the updates have slowed in the last month or two and let you know about when it will end.

Huzzah and shit. -R

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