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March 1, 2005
Today's Comic
Plugs and Dallas Bound

March 1, 2005

First, plugs. Then, announcements.

The Bag of Chips group has a book called Disposable Parts. Now, yes, they're advertising on my site - but I wanted to point something out for you who like webcomics - there's a LOT of webcartoonists involved in this. Jon Rosenberg. Ian J. Josh Mirman. Meredith Gran. Brian Clevinger. Aido. And more. It's an impressive compilation of respected talent. If any of those people appeal to you, check it out.

Also, there's Social Satellite. Again, I don't normally like pointing out my advertisers, but there's something VERY SPECIFIC about this website. I made an account and found, aside from their chat, journal, zine and forum features, it has a section where you can argue with people. Now, I know first hand a lot of you are argumentative and need an outlet (please note: I am not an outlet). This site has a place that encourages disagreeing.

I'm just saying.

Now, announcement. As many of you know, I'm going to be at UBCon in Buffalo come April. However, I'm going to be in Dallas as well on May 7th - also known as Free Comic Book Day. I'll be at the 1st Annual C.A.P.E., which will be located at Zeus Comics and runs from 10am to 6pm. It's a one-day event and on a Saturday. Other guests include the likes of Scott Kurtz, Leah Hernandez, and Ben "Ninja High School" Dunn.

And since it's Free Comic Book Day this thing will celebrate, I'm doing my best to have a Free Comic Book to hand out. I do not guarantee I will, but I'm trying my best. Of course, I'll be selling ad space to those interested.

Oh - and this comic book, should it happen, will be new material, not things from the web. And yes, there will be a compilation book of the first year. When?

When I finish fixing, redrawing, and compiling.

More details as they're available. -R

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