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March 3, 2005
Today's Comic
Firefox Is Trying to Save You

March 3, 2005

Something fucked up with my Firefox browser and all of my bookmarks were eaten. ALL OF THEM! Including my lists of "Good KeenSpace Comics" and "Never Speak of the KeenSpace Comics Again."

Someone is trying to protect all of you.

So here's a few KeenSpace comics that caught my eye. They're all, I'm sad to say, over. Either the artists lost interest or it just came time to end. Some have a large archive - one, only like ten strips. It's a shame.

Oh, and before I forget - stop emailing me asking me to promote your favorite KeenSpot comic. This is for KeenSpace only.

Pickle Jar by Paradox Studios.

12th Generation Pirate by Jennifer Robinson (admittedly, it was the last few strips that REALLY made my girlfriend and I laugh).

Kids in the Street by David McGuire.

Yeah... not as many as I wanted to post, I admit. But I'll try for a LOT more tomorrow. -R

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