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March 4, 2007

Today's Comic
Cons, Nosebleeds, and Links

March 9, 2007

First and foremost, the Clockwork Pussy shirt has returned. So all you fans of Droog-Droog Bear who lamented its vanishing - well, hop to it!

Second: cons. I will be at Penguicon on April 20-22 in Troy, Michigan - and apparently so will the ever-lovin' Steve Jackson. Tom Smith will have two concerts (don't know who Tom Smith is? Read this comic and this comic). I'll be running a Bunnies & Burrows Game (GURPS flavor) on Sunday Saturday.

Our own Aubrey, Clarine, will be at Anime Detour in Bloomington, Minnesota this month (March 23-25) - so go by and say hi! But don't make direct eye contact.

That's how she gets you.

Let's see. Oh, yeah - I woke up with a 10 minute nosebleed today so I'm a little scattered. I want to thank EVERYONE at NonCon in Vassar. It was amazing and I got to run a great Toon Game, played Killer Bunnies for the first time - and it's always great to hang out with Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content and his lovely miss (also known as his Brain). If you ever get a chance to meet Jeph, do. He's a stand-up guy - and a great drinking partner.

And, finally, allow me to offer you som time wasters:

Forumopolis - a forum where I hang my hat - and contempt for many.

OtakuBooty - where the geeks roam free. The forums there are fun lurkin'.

Kelly Berg's Art Gallery - Kelly's one of the sweetest (and cutest) artists around. I think she's gonna go pretty far in art.

HappySlip - a fun video blog that's comedy focused.

And finally - I know this is s'posed to be President Bush - but is it just me or does it look more like the Smoking Man from X-Files?

Now where'd I put all of that nose blood? -R

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