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March 6, 2009

Today's Comic
NEWW, Anime Detour, and Life

March 6, 2009

Hey, kids! How's it going. First off, the business stuff:

If you're planning on attending New England Webcomics Weekend March 20-22 in Easthampton, MA (I'll be there, as well a lot of other cartoonists), they are asking that you pre-register for the event. The event is still free but this is just so they know about how many people are going to attend so they can plan appropriately. Pre-reg can be done via the NEWW website.

Also, Clarine and I (as well as Pete Abrams of Sluggy Freelance) will be at Anime Detour April 3-5th in St. Paul, Minnesota. Clarine's bragged heavily on the staff of Anime Detour to me and talked about how fun it was last year. I'm looking forward to going. I hope to see some of you there.

The Conan strip was going to be an RWW strip but I decided to make it into the S*P for the day 1) because I don't want to have the same theme drip into something else and 2) I really liked this one so much I didn't give a DAMN that there are no S*P characters in it. Please forgive my little indulgences. Every once in a while I need to spread my little geek wings and soar on a current of movie references.

So yesterday's strip really upset some people. Not a lot - it wasn't a banner hate mail day or anything - but apparently I was being very insulting towards my readers by making fun of myself and my ineptitude with updating. I hadn't realized by insulting myself I was insulting others. It's weird - lately I've gotten a mix of the sweetest, most kind-worded emails and the most upset or passive-aggressive emails. Very bizarre. But just a reminder: starting your complaint off, "I've been reading since the comic started," doesn't give your gripe more weight. In fact, it just makes me wonder more and more why you're upset I was mean.

But to the bulk of you who've enjoyed these little one offs, I'm glad. To those of you who didn't but were polite or shrugged and are waiting for the next stuff, no worries. It's almost done.

And don't forget! Today is AlanMooremas! Go see The Watchmen. Then put your ticket stub under your pillow. If you've been a good boy or girl, Alan Moore will leave copies of Top 10 under your pillow.

If you've been bad, he'll pull a coin out of your ear - then fucking choke you with it.

Actually, even if you've been good, he'll probably kill you because you went to see The Watchmen movie. Seriously, I'm scared of Alan Moore. -R.

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