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March 11, 2013

Today's Comic
The Road Followed Me Home

March 11, 2013

Haven't had a chance to do a blog post in a while. Last week I came home from Emerald City Comicon, which was a surprisingly long trip home. I still feel exhausted from the trip. Emerald City was, by the was, a wonderful show. Everyone I met was wonderful and it's a show I'll be at again next year.

Of course, it would have been a lot better without finding out my site was blocked as malware, but, eh. It's over. All is fixed. I'd like to thank all the wonderful readers who were really kind and offered support while that crap was going down. February was not a good month around here. Not at all. But I'm lucky to have a lot of great people reading my comic. I appreciate it.

Oh, and just a reminder - I'm a speaker at the University of North Texas's Comic Studies Conference March 22nd and 23rd in Denton, Texas. Not gonna lie - kinda nervous about it. But hoping to run into some of you there. -R.

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