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March 13, 2013

Today's Comic
Me, me, me, me (and my friends, I guess)

March 13, 2013

So, there's a few things I forgot to mention with yesterday's blog.

First off, I'll be doing a card for the "Machine of Death" card game. Machine of Death is the brainchild of Wondermark's David Malki and is currently enjoying a successful Kickstarter. I have a brief appearance in a recent video update for the project. I need to talk to Malki soon 'cuz I have an idea for my card and it's pretty awful.

Of course, what do I do that isn't?

I also forgot that I'm s'posed to be on this coming Sunday's DELoL webcast, cohosted by my buddy Taffeta Darling. No idea what we'll be talking about but I'm willing to leave my house for it (even thought they misspelled my last name), so I hope some of you can tune in.

See ya tomorrow! -R.

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