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March 22, 2013

Today's Comic
Memory Lane

March 22, 2013

So, as I've mentioned once or twice, I'll be at the University of North Texas's Comic Studies Conference today and tomorrow (schedule can be found here) as well as doing a signing/free sketches/selling some Super Stupor books and more at More Fun Comics & Games in Denton on Saturday night around 8:30pm. It's weird because I went to UNT for college.

Notice I didn't say, "graduate."

While I attended UNT, I had three jobs (at once). Two of them were for the university itself. One I had for a year and a half or so doing illustrations for the distance learning program. It was pretty sweet. The other one I had for three and a half years. I was Documentations Services Assistant in was was then called Academic Computing Services. I worked for an awesome lady named Claudia who, amongst other things, maintained the ACS publication Benchmarks. And part of my duties involved making comics for Benchmarks.

You see where this is going, right?

Claudia, in a recent issue of Benchmarks, posted a chronological list of all my comics that appeared in Benchmarks. I'm linking to them because I don't know why. Looking at them over fifteen years later is very bizarre to me. The ones I hand-drew look horrifying now because I didn't have any grasp of how to scan things in correctly and, if they were in color - oh crap, the artifacting. There were also quite a few I had to draw in (not kidding here) Paintbrush for Windows 3.1 when the school's scanner was down.

Seriously, they're awful. But is was a fun experience and one I'll never forget. Honestly, I've only had two jobs I've ever really loved. One's drawing S*P. The other was working for Claudia at UNT.

See ya Monday (unless you show up this weekend for the conference or signing)! -R.

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