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March 23, 2006
Today's Comic
Cancer Teddies and Queens

April 6, 2006

At I-Con this year, a young woman named Jill approached me and asked me to pose with a little teddy bear. Normally she asked celebrities to do this, but this bear was slummin' it with me. Jill was asking me, for her friend Lisa Spodak, to pose with this bear. Apparently, it gets auctioned off and the money goes to help with breast cancer research. She's gotten a lot of famous people to do this, too. Hell, I-Con alone she got a few. Of course, my picture is the prettiest. So - yeah. When those auctions go up, I'll let you know - although I'll probably have to buy my bear back. I don't think anyone will want it now.

On a different note - if you live in Boston and want something to do besides listen to drunken Red Sox fans choking on their own vomit in the streets (although it has a nice sound to it), come see "Cleopatra: the Musical" - being put on by the Gold Dust Orphans. It's at Club Machine April 21st through May 27th. I'll be in it (in a small role) and so well Jason Josh as the Roman Senator Fagonius...

Did I mention there are a lot of drag queens in the Orphans? Their shows are pretty tight and impressive - they've been doing this a long time and Cleopatra has a great sound to it. Tickets are $25 - and you can drink during the show (a must for my theatre experience). A little warning, though - this is baseball season and the first two nights of the show there are night games at Fenway. Parking will be hard - best to take the T. But if you can come, you'll enjoy yourself - and it would be nice to see you. Maybe there can even be a reader meet after a show.

I have to go to rehearsal now and show off my newly shorn head. I posted one new wallpaper in the donor area - I've got two more gifts I'm working on and, sadly, I'm behind on emailing people. Tonight I will be drinking a lot of soda. Look for an email. -R

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