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March 24, 2008

Today's Comic
Long Days Ahead

March 24, 2008

Once more, before we start: through the end of March, Mr. Scott Kurtz of PvP is offering a deal to S*P rea$ (for a limited time). Buy anything in the PvP Store and receive 10% off when you enter the coupon code "Choochoo." This is only being offered for a limited time, so act while you can.

So this past weekend was Anime Boston. I didn't attend as a guest but I did stop by to see some of my friends, namely Robert and Emily DeJesus, the ever huggable Greg Ayres, and the only man who's gonna die from Coca-Cola intake before me: Chris Ayres. It was wonderful hanging out with them and actually gave me awful comic and design ideas. Be warned now. Greg announced my presence to everyone at the Saturday Night Rave, although I doubt anyone there really knew who I was. Congrats to the one reader who walked up and said hi. I hope you like the Davan sketch.

Okay. On to the less than happy stuff now.

So, I'm a little concerned and writing this is not something I like doing

I'm supposed to be attending Aggiecon at College Station, Texas, this coming weekend. However, there's a problem. The contract hasn't been returned and, frankly, if it's not returned by Wedneday, I won't be at Aggiecon. I dislike saying this, but it's something the con staff were made aware of a while back. I don't like saying I may not be attending a convention after advertising I would be for a few months, but I have to watch out for myself. Hopefully, though, this will not be the case.

Just over a year ago, I started requiring cons that invite me as a guest to sign a contract. The contract is there to assure that what a con says it will, and also put in writing what I'll do for the con as well. I started doing contracts because, simply put, I've been screwed over by cons in the past. Talking to many people in the gaming, comics, and anime industries, I know I'm alone, either, although not everyone's willing to publically talk about the problems they've had.

I'm pretty staunch about the contract, too. I require it to be signed and returned before I leave for the convention. Previous to doing this, I had many conventions try to pull a lot of bullshit on me . and simply having it written out in emails from them (which, just so you know, counts as oral contract) was not good enough for a lot of con staffs, especially since many seem to think anyone doing a webcomic should be thankful they're even allowed to be present.

I am not saying this is the case right now. In fact, I'm very positive the staff at AggieCon mean no malice whatsoever and I realize they have the added difficulty of college administration involvement. However, I do feel like I need to let anyone expecting to see me at Aggiecon kow that there is a chance I will not be attending. I am hoping this is not the case and this is all needless worry, but the eleventh hour is ticking closer and I've already had one incident with a con this year (followed with a lot of emails of, .Hey, where were you at Arisia?.) and I hate that the situation even exists. So, hopefully I'll see everyone at Aggiecon . and if things change and we do get the contract, I'll post something immediately. I just wanted everyone to have a heads up. You've all been really good to me and I want anyone who plans on attending the con to say hi to me to know what's going on.

Update: As of 5pm ET today, I will not be attending AggieCon this weekend. I apologize to those who'd planned on seeing me, but this is out of my control now. -R

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