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March 26, 2008

Today's Comic
The Hits Keep On Comin'.

March 28, 2008

So, first off, I will be at NoBrandCon in Wisconsin, barring acts of God. Everything's finalized and I've told them what four panels I'd like to run. Rinny and I are very excited and once I have my schedule for the event (which occurs April 18-20th), I'll post it here. I can't wait.

I'm also looking for cons to attend as a vendor. I've found some I'm interested in, mainly focusing on places I've never been before. Once I know which, if any, ones I'll be at, I'll post those here, too. Mind you, at those cons I don't do panels.

Speaking of cons, my con manager, Michael D. Garcia, is participating in an AIDS Walk in San Francisco. I wanted to give it a mention because the sucker works for me as voluntarily, and after this past month, he's more than earned a wealth of recognition (thank you, Michael).

Oh, yeah! If you want to take advantage of the PvP Store 10% off promotion going on right now, you only have through Monday the 31st to act - then it's done. If you've wanted to get something from the PvP Store, now a good time. Remember, you have to enter the coupon code, "choochoo," to get the discount.

And, finally, because I'm still getting a lot of questions about it - yeah, AggieCon fell through and hard. I'm very unhappy about how it was handled. If you were planning on going, just remember J. Grant and Mel Hynes of Two Lumps will still be there and would love you to say hi. In fact, I have it on good authority that J. Grant REALLY wants you to ask him to draw badgers. Honest.

A lot of people are asking if I'll attend AggieCon in the future, and I'm going to say probably not. First, I doubt they'll invite me back and, second, trust is pretty well damaged on my end. Also, because of this, I will be reworking how I handle college-based cons. This means more restrictions and tighter deadlines on contracts and, more importantly, the negotiations period for what will be in the contract.

I've been to a decent number of cons since 2003. I've learned a lot from it, too, and most of the cons have been wonderful (PenguiCon, Anime Fest, Fandemonium, PolyCon, and Dexcon, just to name a few). I've also had my share of fuckovers by cons that either didn't give a shit or didn't know how to not fuck with someone you've offered the title of "guest." Overwhelmingly, the cons that seem most likely to use or fail me are college conventions. Sometimes it's not the student organization's fault (like one young con whose school was supposed to reimburse me but then decided it didn't want to - that wasn't in the students' hands anymore). Others have, usually with thin excuses of staff turnover, have pretty much offered things they either couldn't or had no intention of offering up.

Where does AggieCon fall in this? I'm not sure, although I have my suspicions. But suspicions don't change the fact I was unable to attend AggieCon, missed out on acting gigs I couldn't even consider when I thought I'd be able to attend the convention, that I'll have to be even more guarded than I already am towards conventions, and, worse yet, there are a lot of people who've told me they'd hoped to see me this weekend and now they won't. The last one is, honestly, the most upsetting and angering in all of this. To those of you who were hoping to see me at AggieCon, I'm very sorry this didn't work out. I wish I could say or do more about the matter, but I can only say, next time, I'm going to be damned if this happens to either of us again. -R

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