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April 2, 2005
Today's Comic
"It's Full of Stars"

April 3, 2005

Before you start sending me the pissy emails about how this wouldn't happen, just thought I'd share with you all that yes, this is based off something that happened to me in Harvard Square on Friday. Granted, the real girl was more polite - but also dismayed I wouldn't give my credit card number to a stranger with a clipboard in order to keep rivers mercury free and koalas off of crack or whatever the fuck it was.

Anyway, go see Slacker Astonomy It's a podcast about what's going on in Astronomy and stuff. Kinda cool, and one of the people behind it - Aaron Price - has been a good friend of mine since I was fifteen years old. We were roommates for a while, even, and he was the first person to "donate" anything to S*P - food.

I also have some gift art that Monica from Experiments in College Ruled gave me that I need to post. She gave me some of my first guest art - she was an amazing artist then, when she was in high school. She's an astounding artist now. -R

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