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April 6, 2005
Today's Comic
A Week of Q&A Comics

April 7, 2005

So, I need to work on the S*P Compilation book. I'm a little behind *cough*. I also need to work on New Gold Dream backlog comics. So I decided I will be doing this next week. However, I'm not going on hiatus or having guest strips (those usually just incite rage, I've learned), I'm going to do a week of Q&A comics.

How this will work is simple: You decide what question you will ask (I'm not answering ANYTHING involving Monette's baby - if you haven't figured it out by now, I can't help you - or Kestrel/Queen of Wands - I pretty much delete all questions about these subjects anyway) and email it to me. I will choose 7-10 questions (depending on how many days I need) and answer them with a comic (yes, the original question will be posted in the strip). I do not guarantee the answer will be something you like, but I do guarantee it'll make things easier for me for a week or so.

So get crackin'. As soon as Comcast figures out what the fuck they're doing and fixes things so their home networking customers can navigate the web by not having to know IP addresses of sites, I'll even be able to read these emails. Huzzah! -R

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