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April 14, 2006

Today's Comic
Clarine Harp, basis for Aubrey, at AnimeBoston; and info on the current storyline.

May 8, 2006

I meant to post this sooner, but I've been distracted by very long comics and hunting for a new home (yes, again). Clarine, my best friend and the woman I based Aubrey off of, will be a guest at this year's Anime Boston. I'm going to try and crash Anime Boston - but only on Saturday afternoon or Sunday. The show I'm in ends on the 27th of May. Maybe, if things work out, there can be a Boston reader gathering with Clarine and even Josh (Aubrey and Jason in the same place - whoo!).

A lot of people have been emailing me, asking if the current storyling is based off any actual setting that they can play. The answer is: no. I didn't base it off anything other than a game type I've always wanted to run. That being said, there are games you could use to cobble this setting up, if you wanted. The most obvious answer to this would be Spellslinger by Horizon, a D20 game that, like this storyline, combines high fantasy and the Wild West. I purchsed a copy of the game after a reader asked me if "Home on the Ranged Attack" was based off it - because I didn't know the game existed. I've read through the book and, overall, I'm not too impressed - but then again, I've said that about a lot of games until I had a chance to run them. Also, a lot of people do seem to enjoy it.

Another option, also in the D20/OGL vein, would be OGL Wild West by Mongoose Publishing, combining it with the standard race and magic rules from The D&D Player's Handbook. There's also OGL Steampunk if you want to add that element as well.

If you're a GURPS player, there's GURPS Weird West, which ported the Deadlands setting into GURPS. Combine that with any of the GURPS Fantasy titles and you're fine. Sadly, the Weird West title hasn't been brought into GURPS Fourth Edition, so you'd need to do some conversions - however, GURPS Fantasy and GURPS Magic are now in Fourth Edition!

As for Deadlands itself... is that even still in print?

You can also take the rules from Fistful of Zombies, a sourcebook for the All Flesh Must Be Eaten campaign setting and combine it with Eden Studio's Witchcraft setting... or even see what you can cobble using the other All Flesh sourcebook, Dungeons and Zombies. Hell, they even have a free little web enhancement that, among other things, details the rules for fantasy races in the game.

So yeah - there you have it. A few of the many ways you can run the campaign setting the characters are currently playing. Somewhere in there, you should be able to cobble something up nice. And if you do, lemme know how it works out for you. -R

p.s. Oh yeah - White Wolf probably has some rules, too, if you wanna dig up the Werewolf Wild West setting from a bargain bin or eBay. Yeah, I forgot them in the list - mainly because I really, really do not care for the White Wolf setting or most of their system

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