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April 16, 2007
Guest Writer: Eric Burns of Websnark

Today's Comic
Life to you is a dashing, bold adventure!

April 24, 2007

Wow! Another news update and it's only been a week!

First off, Scott Hinze of Fanboy Radio has contacted me about possibly doing an interview tomorrow (dunno when it will air) so, if all goes well, I'll be on Fanboy Radio... sometime. I met the Fanboy Folks at CAPE in 2005 and they were all really cool. This could be fun.

Second: RWW Stuff. The order of the Better Consumer shirts has been placed. That means no more pre-order sale. Sorry. But here's the good news: tonight and tomorrow I'm working on an order form for people who want to order prints that'll save money on shipping (i.e. up to five prints in one envelope). Woot! Also, the email address for all RWW Store questions and problems is now Don't send them to antmore as that's a SURE way for me to not see them, as has been a problem in the past. Most store stuff tomorrow.

Third: the current storyline was written by Mr. Eric Burns of Websnark. He's one of the few people I trust with my characters for anything canonical. I've opened the possibility of writing to the cast members as well - so far only one taker. Here's hoping.

Fourth, PenguiCon. I didn't make it clea on Saturday's Filler it wasn't PenguiCon I was referencing. That was stuff said to me at various cons and reader meets since 2002. Nothing of the kind happened at PenguiCon.

There are a LOT of cons I recommend to people. Dexcon in East Brunswick, New Jersey, is amazing if you want almost five full days of gaming. AnimeFest in Dallas is run by great people and the two times I've gone, I've walked away having enjoyed myself. Vassar's No Such Convention was great, too - it just needed to be longer. I loved JapanTown Anime Faire, but then I stole a member of the con's staff and enslaved him as my con rep. I feed him jelly beans.

PenguiCon goes in this list. It's a wonderful convention run by great people. I don't think I've EVER been to a con that came off as being so drama free (or maybe they just hid it well). I didn't come across a single person who said they felt they had a bad time - a rarity for the best cons. It's a smaller con, just under 1,000 participants. I'm torn between wanting that number to rise so they become more successful and wanting it to stay small and personal.

The guests were great. Eric Millikin of Fetus-X, Ferret, the writer of Home on the Strange, Rob Balder of Partially Clips and ErfWorld (whose lovely wife brought Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper for me - thank you!), the adorable Megan Gedris of Yu+Me, the great Steve Jackson, and many more. Hell, Tom Smith performed a song he wrote about S*P in his concert (and if you've never heard Tom Smith, go to his site now and listen - he even makes a new song every week). I spent a lot of time hanging around Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary who is competing with Bill Holbrook for title of "Nicest Person in Webcomics." And I FINALLY got to meet Michael Z. Williamson after a few years of correspondence. These are ALL people who, if you get a chance to meet, you should.

And best of all, Eric Raymond validated my opinion that the five to six people who email me every month to bitch about the fact I use GIF instead of PNG file format are not just annoying but flatly wrong. And if you tout the glory of PNG and don't know who Eric Raymond is... wow. > Apparently I got what Eric Raymond and someone else said wrong. What Mr. Raymond said was about the patent over GIF. Apologies to him.

I can't imagine not going back to PenguiCon next year, barring financial mishaps or life getting in the way. It was amazing. I hope, if you're into cons, you get a chance to go sometime. To everyone who stopped by, said hi, got a sketch, or more - thanks. To everyone I'm forgetting to mention - sorry. I'm still scattered.

Oh - and Jeremiah, the reader who COULD have come but flaked out? Yeah. I'm watchin' for you, bucko. -R

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